Aims and scope

Since operations management is an applied discipline, it is the aim of Operations Management Research: Advancing Practice through Theory to promote research that advances both the theory and practice of operations management. In addition, there is a growing need for a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original, high-quality research that is shorter and more sharply focused than articles in existing OM journals. OMR also occasionally publishes Academic Notes which are special papers that address issues concerning research methodologies, the direction of the OM field, and other such topics of particular interest to academicians.

Each regular paper published in OMR must make a clear contribution to the science and practice of operations management and include discussion of the potential of the research for advancing OM theory as well as its application. In contrast, the domain of the journal will NOT include the following:

    • teaching topics or cases,
    • engineering/technical issues,
    • software applications,
    • literature reviews,
    • applications of operations theory to practice but without generalizable insights,
    • practice-based lessons for operations but with no theoretical insights,
    • extensions of operations theory with no practical application, or
    • quantitative models without application to advance both operations management theory and practice.

      All topics in operations management as well as all research paradigms (from mathematical modeling to ethnography) are welcome. Submissions may initially use any style or format but are limited to about 25 manuscript pages in length including figures and tables, though supplementary electronic appendices, which only appear in the on-line version of the journal, can be added as needed. The target turnaround time for submissions is 8 weeks.