The Curing Coma Campaign: elucidating the scientific foundation

Vol. 35, Supplement 1 (July 2021)

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In 2019 the Neurocritical Care Society launched Curing Coma┬« as the first global public health initiative to tackle the unifying concept of coma as a treatable medical entity. The goal of Curing Coma┬« is to develop and implement coma treatment strategies that improve human lives. 
This Supplement provides insights on the most recent development and findings

The Curing Coma Campaign: Challenging the Paradigm for Disorders of Consciousness
DaiWai M. Olson, J. Claude Hemphill III & The Curing Coma Campaign and its Executive Committe

Proceedings of the First Curing Coma Campaign NIH Symposium: Challenging the Future of Research for Coma and Disorders of Consciousness
Jan Claassen, Yama Akbari, et al. for the Curing Coma Campaign

Coma Science: The Territory and the Map
Robert D. Stevens, Michael N. Diringer

A Precision Medicine Framework for Classifying Patients with Disorders of Consciousness: Advanced Classification of Consciousness Endotypes (ACCESS)
Daniel Kondziella, David K. Menon, et al. & The contributing collaborators of the Curing Coma Campaign

Mechanisms Underlying Disorders of Consciousness: Bridging Gaps to Move Toward an Integrated Translational Science
Andrea I. Luppi, Joshua Cain et al, for the Curing Coma Campaign and Its Contributing Collaborators

Research Needs for Prognostic Modeling and Trajectory Analysis in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness
Flora M. Hammond, Sheryl Katta-Charles, et al & the Curing Coma Campaign and its Contributing Members

Therapies to Restore Consciousness in Patients with Severe Brain Injuries: A Gap Analysis and Future Directions
Brian L. Edlow, Leandro R. D. Sanz, et al. & the Curing Coma Campaign and its contributing members