Special Issue: Building the NeuroCommons

Guest Editors: Maryann Martone, University of California, San Diego (mmartone@ucsd.edu) and Satrajit Ghosh, MIT (satra@mit.edu)

Neuroscience is entering a new era of open science, where sharing of data, tools and workflows is not only encouraged but expected.  But simply sharing these research products does not necessarily make them useful.  Making sure that such research products are FAIR -Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable- takes time and effort.  FAIR requires adherence to community standards, attention to key metadata, attention to how infrastructure is built, and the adoption of new practices to ensure that investigators receive credit for their work.  As neuroscience increasingly defines and adopts FAIR,  the act of publishing in neuroscience will not only serve to communicate new research but drive the population of a robust, more data- and resource-driven ecosystem on which to build further findings. We call this ecosystem the NeuroCommons. 

This special, open-access, issue of the Journal of Neuroinformatics is dedicated to building the NeuroCommons.  We are looking for articles that embody the principles of open and FAIR neuroscience including:

  • FAIRification of neuroscience data, tools and other research objects:  What does it take to move neuroscience closer to the ideal of FAIR?
  • Using public data to drive discovery science
  • Research infrastructure for neuroscience and how it supports open and FAIR neuroscience
  • Standards-based neuroscience.  When and where have standards been effective?  What have we learned about creating standards and gaining adoption? Where are they lacking?
  • Perspectives and commentary on the concept of the NeuroCommons, e.g., what will it take for neuroscience to become a data-driven discipline based on pools of open research data?  What are challenges and opportunities?  Where have there been successes?

All manuscripts should be submitted online here. Please indicate during the submission process by selecting the article type “SI: NeuroCommons”. Manuscripts will undergo normal peer review as they are received. Accepted manuscripts will be published online as they are accepted.

We hope to receive all contributions no later than July 31st, 2020.

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