Call for Papers: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Digital Manufacturing Research

Manufacturing processes are the key components of the heavy industry. The process procedures are usually carried out on a large scale that involves several engineering steps to manufacture a new product. Recently “Digitalization or Digital system” has become well known for its significant advancement in artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, industries are beginning to adopt those technologies and are starting to move towards additive manufacturing processes. Digital manufacturing is the use of an integrated, computer-based system comprised of simulation, 3D visualization, analytics and collaboration tools to create product and manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes through the digital manufacturing process, boosts industrial processes.

The following topics are of special interest:

  • Demand and additive manufacturing
  • Factories of the future
  • Industrial manufacturing process developments
  • Recent trends in manufacturing process
  • Job shop, Repetitive, Discrete, Batch and Continuous manufacturing processes
  • 3D printing and welding
  • AI in manufacturing process
  • Role of IoT and Cloud in manufacturing process
  • Digital monitor and control for Industrial manufacturing process
  • Multi-point coupling for tool point receptance prediction
  • Energy efficiency characterization
  • Microelectronic and Microelectronic advancement in Industrial manufacturing process
  • Methods and process for Industrial substantial development
  • Challenges in manufacturing process

Manuscript submission deadline: October 25th, 2022


Dr. Rajesh M, Sanjivani College of Engineering, India

Shanmuga Sundar Dhanabalan, RMIT University, Australia

Sitharthan R, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

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