Call for Papers: Research ethics in emerging economies and developing countries (Deadline March 31, 2021)

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Much has been written in the US and the EU about the impacts of systematic expectations and pressures on the production of scientific knowledge and more specifically, increasing scientific output as publications. Some of the scholarship in research ethics has emerged against the backdrop of malpractice, research misconduct and other problematic responses to such pressure. Much less is known, however, about how these pressures and their consequences are manifest in emerging economies and developing nations.

While universities are playing an increasingly important role in these countries, performance indicators such as an expected number of publications per year in respected venues (i.e. those with high impact factors) are being increasingly used to assess the performance of individual researchers for important promotion decisions, such as tenure track or tenured. Little is known about the impact of such heightened performance standards to the levels currently known in the North-American, European and other universities high on the world ranking lists.

With this Topical Collection, we invite submissions from researchers in these countries which explore how systematic national, institutional or other pressures are being exercised and the impact of such pressures on research practice.