Aims and scope

Food and Bioprocess Technology provides an effective and timely platform for researchers in universities, research institutions, and industries to publish cutting-edge high quality original papers in the engineering and science of all types of processing technologies, involved from the beginning of the food supply source to the dinner table of the consumers. It aims to be a leading international journal for the multidisciplinary agri-food research community.

The journal is especially interested in experimental or theoretical research findings that have the potential for the agri-food industry to improve process efficiency, enhance product quality and extend the shelf-life of fresh and processed agri-food products. Critical reviews on new perspectives to established processes, innovative and emerging technologies, and trends and future research in food and bioproducts processing are particularly welcome. Short communications for rapidly disseminating preliminary results, letters to the Editor discussing recent developments and controversy, and book reviews will also be published.

The scope of the journal covers the following main topic areas:

  • Technologies for ripeness, quality, damage and disease assessment and prediction
  • Grading and classification techniques
  • Postharvest treatments, value-addition, and traceability
  • Agricultural and horticultural products processing technologies
  • Properties of foods and agricultural products
  • Sensors, sensing technology and process control
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation
  • Design and production of novel foods
  • Product monitoring in the supply chain
  • Thermal processing, chilling and freezing
  • Drying technology and dehydration processes
  • Separation and purification processes
  • Non-thermal processing and emerging technologies
  • Preservation, storage, and distribution
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Engineering of food biotechnological processes
  • Engineering for food safety and security