Free Access to Volume 50.7: Innovations in statistical modelling to connect data, chance and context

Innovations in statistical modelling to connect data, chance and context

The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease pandemic can become a productive educational opportunity to engage students in reasoning with statistical modeling. Statistical modeling is emerging as a fertile pedagogical and research arena in which to promote and learn about how students reason when faced with building and interacting with statistical models. Being immersed in modeling-based activities can help learners to develop their statistical reasoning with key statistical ideas to connect data, chance and context. The 14 papers in this timely special issue outline a paradigm shift toward a modeling perspective that is occurring in statistics education research and suggest innovative task and software designs and theoretical frameworks for explicating student reasoning and pedagogy

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Innovations in statistical modeling to connect data, chance and context
Maxine Pfannkuch, Dani Ben-Zvi and Stephanie Budgett 

Dot plots and hat plots: supporting young students emerging understandings of distribution, center and variability through modeling
Jill Fielding-Wells

Statistical modelling and repeatable structures: purpose, process and prediction
Katie Makar and Sue Allmond 

Sixth grade students’ emerging practices of data modelling
Sibel Kazak, Dave Pratt and Rukiye Gökce 

Statistical modeling to promote students’ aggregate reasoning with sample and sampling
Keren Aridor and Dani Ben-Zvi 

The role of model comparison in young learners’ reasoning with statistical models and modeling
Michal Dvir and Dani Ben-Zvi 

Developing a statistical modeling framework to characterize Year 7 students’ reasoning
Anne Patel and Maxine Pfannkuch 

Students’ construction and use of statistical models: a socio-critical perspective
Lucía Zapata-Cardona

Middle school students’ reasoning about data and context through storytelling with repurposed local data
Michelle Hoda Wilkerson and Vasiliki Laina 

Elementary preservice teachers’ reasoning about statistical modeling in a civic statistics context
Rolf Biehler, Daniel Frischemeier and Susanne Podworny

Every rose has its thorn: secondary teachers’ reasoning about statistical models
Nicola Justice, Andrew Zieffler, Michael D. Huberty and Robert delMas 

Students’ use of narrative when constructing statistical models in TinkerPlots
Jennifer Noll, Kit Clement, Jason Dolor, Dana Kirin and Matthew Petersen 

Modeling and linking the Poisson and exponential distributions
Stephanie Budgett and Maxine Pfannkuch 

Statistics students’ identification of inferential model elements within contexts of their own invention
Matthew D. Beckman and Robert delMas