Special Issue: West African Coasts and their Vulnerability: Drivers and Mitigation Strategies

Aim and Scope

This special issue aims to enhance the publication of data on coastal resilience and sustainability in developing the Atlantic African coast.   


The West African (WA) coast is currently in a context of rapid development pressures and urban growth. The coast of this sub region is characterized by marked geomorphic diversity that matches a range of socio-ecological and management issues. It is increasingly exposed to marine and coastal hazards that are exacerbated by the absence of, or inadequate coordination of management approaches. Among these issues are: determining the extent to which anthropogenic influences are aggravating coastal erosion, mitigation of deficits in sediment supply from catchments to the coast, climate change and sea-level rise, mitigation of salinization of coastal wetlands, coastal wetland conservation, coastal governance, pollution, ecosystem management and community resilience. These themes are eliciting interests in potential contributors and we believe a special issue, based on rigorous peer review, will come in handy. It will be a welcome contribution in addressing the challenges of coastal conservation in West Africa in the current era and in decades to come. This is all the more so because in the region, there is limited information on solutions for monitoring and modeling coastal evolution, coastal management practices, degradation of ecosystems and the way forward to an integrated approach. 

For this Special Issue (SI), papers will be accepted on the WA coastal environment with a primary focus on processes leading to a spatially inhomogeneous pattern of regional coastal vulnerabilities including:

  • Geophysical dynamics of the coastal and marine area
  • Sociocultural and socioeconomic issues
  • Ecology of the coastal and marine issues
  • Coastal management, marine spatial planning, and Governance issues
  • Coastal monitoring and remote sensing

Manuscripts that will provide the needed and quality data, information, and tools necessary to help share the understanding, knowledge and management of coastal phenomena to stakeholders are particularly encouraged. Papers for this SI must promote further interdisciplinary and regional-scale studies on the understudied and under-represented West African coast, notwithstanding its remarkable physical and socio-ecological diversity.

Special Issue Editorial Team

Dr. Bapentire Donatus Angnuureng*

Centre for Coastal Management, SBS, University of Cape Coast, Ghana; donatus.angnuureng@ucc.edu.gh

Dr. Rafael Almar

IRD-LEGOS, 14 Avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France; Rafael.almar@ird.fr

Prof. Edward Anthony

Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, IRD, INRA, Coll France, CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France;


Dr. Issa Sakho

Associate professor in Marine-Coastal Geology,

Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow de Dakar, Sénégal


Dr. Olusegun A. Dada

Department of Marine Science and Technology

Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria


*Corresponding editor

Time Schedule

The proposed deadline for the submission of papers for this SI is 28th February 2022.

Approximate schedule for publication of papers: Summer/Fall 2022