Top 10 Downloaded Articles 2021

We want to thank the authors of our most-downloaded articles during 2021, and highlight to our readers some of the most impactful research to have published in the journal. We hope that you will find the data interesting.

Image Fusion Techniques: A Survey
by Harpreet Kaur, Deepika Koundal & Virender Kadyan 

The Number of Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 by using Machine Learning: Methods and Challenges
by Amir Ahmad, Sunita Garhwal, Santosh Kumar Ray, Gagan Kumar, Sharaf Jameel Malebary & Omar Mohammed Barukab 

Multiscale Modeling Meets Machine Learning: What Can We Learn?
by Grace C. Y. Peng, Mark Alber, Adrian Buganza Tepole, William R. Cannon, Suvranu De, Savador Dura-Bernal, Krishna Garikipati, George Karniadakis, William W. Lytton, Paris Perdikaris, Linda Petzold & Ellen Kuhl 

A Selection of Benchmark Problems in Solid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
by Jörg Schröder, Thomas Wick, Stefanie Reese, Peter Wriggers, Ralf Müller, Stefan Kollmannsberger, Markus Kästner, Alexander Schwarz, Maximilian Igelbüscher, Nils Viebahn, Hamid Reza Bayat, Stephan Wulfinghoff, Katrin Mang, Ernst Rank, Tino Bog, Davide D’Angella, Mohamed Elhaddad, Paul Hennig, Alexander Düster, Wadhah Garhuom, Simeon Hubrich, Mirjam Walloth, Winnifried Wollner, Charlotte Kuhn & Timo Heister 

Geomechanical Modelling of Railroad Ballast: A Review
by Yahia Alabbasi & Mohammed Hussein 

Computer Vision Techniques in Construction: A Critical Review
by Shuyuan Xu, Jun Wang, Wenchi Shou, Tuan Ngo, Abdul-Manan Sadick & Xiangyu Wang

State-of-the-Art Review on Responses of RC Structures Subjected to Lateral Impact Loads
by Chunwei Zhang, Gholamreza Gholipour & Asma Alsadat Mousavi 

An Intensive and Comprehensive Overview of JAYA Algorithm, its Versions and Applications
by Raed Abu Zitar, Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Mohammed A. Awadallah, Iyad Abu Doush & Khaled Assaleh 

Machine Learning Algorithms in Civil Structural Health Monitoring: A Systematic Review
by Majdi Flah, Itzel Nunez, Wassim Ben Chaabene & Moncef L. Nehdi 

State-of-the-Art and Comparative Review of Adaptive Sampling Methods for Kriging
by Jan N. Fuhg, Amélie Fau & Udo Nackenhorst 

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