2021 JAMS Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award

The following article has won the Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award for Volume 49 (2021) of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. It was chosen for the award by a vote of the members of the Editorial Review Board, after the Area Editors selected a shortlist of the top 10 papers published in 2021.

"A strategic framework for artificial intelligence in marketing”
by Ming-Hui Huang & Roland T. Rust
Volume 49, No. 1 (January 2021)

Other finalists for this award were

  • “An emerging theory of loyalty program dynamics”
    by Jisu J. Kim, Lena Steinhoff & Robert W. Palmatier
  • “Social media marketing strategy: definition, conceptualization, taxonomy, validation, and future agenda”
    by Fangfang Li, Jorma Larimo & Leonidas C. Leonidou
  • “Effects of front-of-pack labels on the nutritional quality of supermarket food purchases: evidence from a large-scale randomized controlled trial”
    by Pierre Dubois, Paulo Albuquerque, Olivier Allais, Céline Bonnet, Patrice Bertail, Pierre Combris, Saadi Lahlou, Natalie Rigal, Bernard Ruffieux & Pierre Chandon
  • “Upper echelons research in marketing”
    by Kimberly A. Whitler, Ben Lee, Ryan Krause & Neil A. Morgan
  • “How value co-creation and co-destruction unfolds: a longitudinal perspective on dialogic engagement in health services interactions” by Debbie Isobel Keeling, Kathleen Keeling, Ko de Ruyter & Angus Lain
  • “The dynamic nature of marketing constructs”
    by Lars Bergkvist & Martin Eisend
  • “Understanding anthropomorphism in service provision: a meta-analysis of physical robots, chatbots, and other AI”
    by Markus Blut, Cheng Wang, Nancy V. Wünderlich & Christian Broc
  • “Pandemics and marketing: insights, impacts, and research opportunities”
    by Gopal Das, Shailendra Pratap Jain, Durairaj Maheswaran, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf & Raji Srinivasan
  • “Does your skin color matter in buyer–seller negotiations? The implications of being a Black salesperson”
    by David Gligor, Christopher Newman & Saim Kashmiri

All peer-reviewed articles published in volume 49 were eligible for this award; the full volume, as well as the entire JAMS archive, is available on SpringerLink.

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