Aims and scope

The aim, scope, and format of Evolutionary Biology will be based on the following principles:

  • Evolutionary Biology will publish original articles and reviews that address issues and subjects of core concern in evolutionary biology. All papers must make original contributions to our understanding of the evolutionary process.
  • The journal will remain true to the original intent of the original series to provide a place for broad syntheses in evolutionary biology. Articles will contribute to this goal by defining the direction of current and future research and by building conceptual links between disciplines. In articles presenting an empirical analysis, the results of these analyses must be integrated within a broader evolutionary framework.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit papers presenting novel conceptual frameworks or major challenges to accepted ideas.
  • While brevity is encouraged, there is no formal restriction on length for major articles.
  • The journal aims to keep the time between original submission and appearance online to within four months and will encourage authors to revise rapidly once a paper has been submitted and deemed acceptable.

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