Editor's Choice Articles


Phase Relations in the ZrO2-MgO-FeOx System: Experimental Data and Assessment of Thermodynamic Parameters

Solid State Chemical Interaction Between Ti and Al-Si Alloys

Impact of N on the Stacking Fault Energy and Phase Stability of FCC CrMnFeCoNi: An Ab Initio Study

Local Ordering Tendency in Body-Centered Cubic (BCC) Multi-Principal Element Alloys

Measurement of Interdiffusion and Tracer Diffusion Coefficients in FCC Co-Cr-Fe-Ni Multi-Principal Element Alloy

Stability of High Entropy Alloys to Spinodal Decomposition


A Chemical Potential Probe to Determine the Solubility of Hydrogen in Metals: An Example with Copper

Experimental Liquidus Studies of the ZnO-“CuO0.5” and ZnO-“CuO0.5”-SiO2 Liquidus in Equilibrium with Cu-Zn Metal

Experimental Investigation of Fe–Co–La System: Liquidus and Solidus Projections

Diffusion Coefficients and Phase Equilibria of the Cu-Zn Binary System Studied Using Diffusion Couples

Critical Assessment of the Al-Ti-Zr System

Thermodynamic Investigation of New High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels with Heusler Phase Strengthening for Welding and Additive Manufacturing: High-Throughput CALPHAD Calculations and Key Experiments for Database Verification


Thermodynamic Modeling of Oxidation of Tin Nanoparticles

Measurement of the Interdiffusion Coefficients in Mo-Ti and Mo-Ti-Zr Beta Phase Alloys from 1273 to 1473 K

Thermodynamic Modeling of the La-Co-O System

Integrated Experimental and Thermodynamic Modeling Study of the Effects of Al2O3, CaO, and MgO on Slag–Matte Equilibria in the Cu-Fe-O-S-Si-(Al, Ca, Mg) System

The Ternary Bi-Mn-Sb Phase Diagram and the Crystal Structure of the Ternary Τ Phase Bi0.8MnSb0.2

CALPHAD-Based Modeling and Experimental Validation of Microstructural Evolution and Microsegregation in Magnesium Alloys During Solidification


The Binary Bi-Rh Phase Diagram: Stable and Metastable Phases

Phase Equilibria of the Ti-Al-Nb System at 1000, 1100 and 1150 °C

Critical Evaluation and Optimization of the Fe-N, Mn-N and Fe-Mn-N Systems

A Review of Calphad Modeling of Ordered Phases

Simultaneous Measurement of Isotope-Free Tracer Diffusion Coefficients and Interdiffusion Coefficients in the Cu-Ni System


New Thermodynamic Assessment of the Fe-Y System

Evaluation of Calphad Approach and Empirical Rules on the Phase Stability of Multi-principal Element Alloys

Experimental Study and Thermodynamic Re-optimization of the FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2 System

Understanding of the Elemental Diffusion Behavior in Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys

Critical Systematic Evaluation and Thermodynamic Optimization of the Fe-RE System: RE = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Lu, and Y


Determination of the Fe-Cr-Mo Phase Diagram at Intermediate Temperatures using Dual-Anneal Diffusion Multiples

The Al-Rich Part of the Fe-Al Phase Diagram

Modeling Interdiffusion Processes in CMSX-10/Ni Diffusion Couple

Advances in Pb-free Solder Microstructure Control and Interconnect Design

Diffusion in FCC Co-rich Co-Al-W Alloys at 900 and 1000 °C


Cellular Automaton Modeling of Diffusion, Mixed and Interface Controlled Phase Transformation

Reactions Between Ti2AlC, B4C, and Al and Phase Equilibria at 1000 °C in the Al-Ti-B-C Quaternary System

Critical Assessment and Thermodynamic Modeling of the Fe-O-S System

Thermodynamic Description of the Al-Fe-Mg-Ni-Si and Al-Cu-Fe-Mg-Ni Quinary Systems and Its Application to Solidification Simulation

Experimental Investigation of Isothermal Sections (1000, 1200 °C) in the Ni-Ti-Zr System

High Temperature FeB-type Phases in the Systems Ta-{Ti,Zr,Hf}-B