Editor's Choice Articles


An Investigation of an Oil Barge Explosion in Corpus Christi, TX

Case Studies in Graphitic Corrosion of Cast Iron Pipe

Keystone Pipeline Rupture Investigation

Liquid Metal-Assisted Cracking During Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Complex Structures: A Case Study

Effect of Rejuvenation Heat Treatment on the Degraded Turbine Blades

Critical Thinking in the Application of Additive Manufacturing Processes: A Review


A Fractographic Analysis of Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V by Electron Beam Melting: Effects of Powder Reuse

Effects of Axial and Multiaxial Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions on the Fatigue Life Assessment of Automotive Steering Knuckle

UV Aging Effects on Polycarbonate Properties

Failure Analysis of an Ambulance Cathode Ray Tube Monitor Bracket

Failure Investigation of a Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine: Chronology and Mechanism

Investigation on the Crack and Thinning Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 5052 Sheet in Stretch Flanging Process


Preload from Tightening and Removal Torque

Root Cause Analysis of an Oil-Burning Tabletop Torch Explosion

Improvement in Accuracy of Failure Prediction in Sheet Hydroforming of Square Cups Using Stress-Based Forming Limit Diagram

Fracture Mechanics Approach to Splitting in Low Spring Index Cold Coiling Process

Failure of a Dissimilar Metal Braze in an Expansion Joint

Failure Analysis of Additively Manufactured Polyester Test Specimens Exposed to Various Liquid Media


Investigation and Recommendations on Bottom-Dented Petroleum Pipelines

Failure Analysis of a Launch Vehicle Umbilical Shutter Mechanism During Vibration Qualification

Analysis of Chip Generation During Bar Rolling

Utilizing a Combination of TGA and GC-MS to Estimate Health-Based Risks from Off-Gassed Volatile Compounds

Analyzing the Failure of Welded Steel Components in Construction Systems


Material Selection of an Elastomer Capable of Absorbing Vibrations Actuated by a 4D Movie Theater

A Case of Aluminum Nitride Embrittlement of Heavy Wall Cast Steel

Wheel Attachment Failures in Light-Duty Vehicles

The Influence of Critical Flow Velocity on Corrosion of Stainless Steel

Grade P110 Tubing Shredded by Downhole Detonation


Intermittent Audio Failure Analysis of a Remote Speaker-Microphone for a Two-Way Radio

A Study to Establish Correlation Between Intercolumnar Cracks in Slabs and Off-Center Defects in Hot-Rolled Products

Managing Cold Temperature and Brittle Fracture Hazards in Pressure Vessels

Finite Element Analysis of Laser Cut Edge Beam Section for High Stress Intensity Structural Assessment

Corrosion Resistance Studies of Austenitic Stainless Steel Grades in Molten Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Galvanizing Bath


Diagnosis of Bearing Defects Using a Heterodyning Ultrasound Detector

The Effects of Sulfide Inclusions on Mechanical Properties and Failures of Steel Components

Manufacturing Induced Hydrogen Embrittlement of 52100 Bearing Steel Outer Ring

Fatigue Fracture of a Compressor Blade of an Aeroengine: What Caused this Failure?

Failure and Fracture Analysis of Austenitic Stainless Steel Marine Propeller Shaft