Editor's Choice Articles

Highlights of 2021

Recent Progress in Beam-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing from a Materials Perspective: A Review of Patents

Data Science Techniques, Assumptions, and Challenges in Alloy Clustering and Property Prediction

A Comprehensive Examination of High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack—A Review of over a Century of Investigations

Characteristics of Metal Specimens Formed by Selective Laser Melting: A State-of-the-Art Review

Nanojoining with Ni Nanoparticles for Turbine Applications

Increasing the Productivity of Laser Powder Bed Fusion for Stainless Steel 316L through Increased Layer Thickness

Highlights of 2020

Rapid Tempering: Opportunities and Challenges

Mechanical Properties and Conductivity of Low-Pressure
Die-Cast 319 Aluminum Prepared with Hot Isostatic Pressing, Thermal Treatment, or Chemical Treatment

Smart Manufacturing Process of Carbon-Based Low-Dimensional Structures and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Engineering Applications

Long-Term Creep Behavior of a CoCrFeNiMn High-Entropy Alloy

Interfacial Investigation of Explosion-Welded Titanium/Steel Bimetallic Plates

Superelastic Effect in NiTi Alloys Manufactured Using Electron Beam and Focused Laser Rapid Manufacturing Methods

Highlights of 2019

Investigation on Microsegregation of IN718 Alloy During Additive Manufacturing via Integrated Phase-Field and Finite-Element Modeling

Surface Treatment of Powder-Bed Fusion Additive Manufactured Metals for Improved Fatigue Life

Improved High-Temperature Aluminum Alloys Containing Cerium

Microstructural Analysis of Powder Metallurgy Tool Steels in the Context of Abrasive Wear Behavior: A New Computerized Approach to Stereology

The Effect of Boron Content on Wetting Kinetics in Si-B Alloy/h-BN System

Processing and Thermoelectric Properties of TiNiSn Materials: A Review

Highlights of 2018

Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials: A Review

A Review on Micro- and Nanoscratching/Tribology at High Temperatures: Instrumentation and Experimentation

Mechanical Properties of Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Stainless Steel Cladding After Irradiation

Fabrication and Properties of Composite Artificial Muscles Based on Nylon and a Shape Memory Alloy

Interaction Between Graphene-Coated SiC Single Crystal and Liquid Copper

Highlights of 2017

Slow Strain Rate Testing for Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Alloy 718 in Substitute Ocean Water

High Damping of Lightweight TiNi-Ti2Ni Shape Memory Composites for Wide Temperature Range Usage

Homogenizing Advanced Alloys: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulations Followed by Experimental Results

Influences of Processing and Fatigue Cycling on Residual Stresses in a NiCrY-Coated Powder Metallurgy Disk Superalloy

Geometric Limitation and Tensile Properties of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing 5A06 Aluminum Alloy Parts

Highlights of 2016

Development of Custom 465® Corrosion-Resisting Steel for Landing Gear Applications

Alloying Element Nitride Development in Ferritic Fe-Based Materials Upon Nitriding: A Review

Mechanical Behavior and Microstructural Analysis of Extruded AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Processed by Backward Extrusion

Wetting Behavior and Reactivity Between AlTi6 Alloy and Carbon Nanotubes

Interlaboratory Study for Nickel Alloy 625 Made by Laser Powder Bed Fusion to Quantify Mechanical Property Variability

Highlights of 2015

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of High-Entropy Alloys

Site-Dependent Tension Properties of Inertia Friction-Welded Joints Made From Dissimilar Ni-based Superalloys

Novel Hybrid Ablative/Ceramic Layered Composite for Earth Re-entry Thermal Protection: Microstructural and Mechanical Performance

Surface Degradation of Ag/W Circuit Breaker Contacts During Standardized UL Testing

Phase Transformations and Crack Initiation in a High-Chromium Cast Steel Under Hot Compression Tests

Highlights of 2014

Metal Additive Manufacturing: A Review by W. Frazier

Innovative and Highly Productive Joining Technologies for Multi-Material Lightweight Car Body Structures

Evaluation of Spaceborne SiC Mirror Materials Using Samples Cut from the Periphery of a Mirror Body

Effect of Element Diffusion Through Metallic Networks During Oxidation of Type 321 Stainless Steel

Wind-Turbine Gear-Box Roller-Bearing Premature-Failure Caused by Grain-Boundary Hydrogen Embrittlement: A Multi-physics Computational Investigation

Highlights of 2013

Novel application of glass fibers recovered from waster printed circuit boards as sound and thermal insulation materials

Laser-Assisted Surface Modification of Alumina and Its Tribological Behavior

Simulation of stress and strain for induction hardening applications

Analytical Method for Forming Limit Diagram Prediction with Application to a Magnesium ZEK100-O Alloy

Electrode Erosion Observed in Electrohydraulic Discharges Used in Pulsed Sheet Metal Forming

Effects of PCB Substrate Surface Finish and Flux on Solderability of Lead-Free SAC305 Alloy

Testing and Analysis of Full-Scale Creep-Rupture Experiments on Inconel Alloy 740 Cold-Formed Tubing

The effect of residual stress on the distortion of gray iron brake disks

Mechanical and Metallurgical Evaluation of Carburized, Conventionally and Intensively Quenched Steels

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