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A Novel Metastable Structure in Polycrystalline Metals With Extremely Fine Grains: Schwarz Crystal

On the Temperature-Dependence of Deformation-Induced Martensite Formation in AISI 304L Type Steel

Effect of Room-Temperature Pre-rolling and Pre-cryorolling on Natural Aging and Bake Hardening Response of an Al–Mg–Si Alloy

Incorporating Dislocation Mechanisms into a Phenomenological Cyclic Plasticity Model for Structural Alloys

Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Description of the Co–Nb–Zr System

Creep Performance and Microstructural Characterization of Electron-Beam Welded 316LN SS-Grade 91 Steel Dissimilar Joint

Alloy Design for Additive Manufacturing: Early-Stage Oxidation of Nickel-Based Superalloys

The Effect of Strain Rate on the Tensile Deformation Behavior of Single Crystal, Ni-Based Superalloys

Comparison of Creep Mechanisms Between Co-Al-W- and CoNi-Based Single Crystal Superalloys at Low Temperature and High Stresses

On the Impact of an Integrated HIP Treatment on the Very High Cycle Fatigue Life of Ni-Based SX Superalloys

On the Aging Behavior of Ti-1.0 wt pct Fe Alloy With an Equiaxed α + β Initial Microstructure

Deformation-Induced Planar Defects in Immm Ni2(Cr, Mo, W) Strengthened HAYNES® 244® Superalloy


An In Situ X-ray Tomography Study on the Stress Corrosion Behavior of a Ni-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy

Benchmark Al-Cu Solidification Experiments in Microgravity and on Earth

Crystallization Kinetics on Melt Spun and HPT-Processed Zr62Cu22Al10Fe5Dy1 Metallic Glass

Microstructure and Crystallographic Texture in Twin-Roll Casting of AA1050 Aluminum Alloy: Simulation and Industrial Validation

Comparison of Microstructure Refinement in Wire-Arc Additively Manufactured Ti–6Al–2Sn–4Zr–2Mo–0.1Si and Ti–6Al–4V Built With Inter-Pass Deformation

Strengthening Effects at Dissimilar Metal Interfaces Created by Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

Kinetically Induced Fine Secondary α-Ti Phase Formation in a Novel As-Cast Titanium Alloy

Mechanisms of Densification and Bonding in the Ultrasonic Consolidation of Aluminum Powder

The Constant-Stress, Constant-Heating-Rate Test: A Novel Method for Characterizing Transient Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a High Strength Ti-4Al-2Fe-3Cu Alloy Fabricated by Sintering and Hot Extrusion


Strain Rate Dependent Ductility and Strain Hardening in Q&P Steels

Microstructural impact of Si and Ni during high temperature quenching and partitioning process in medium-Mn steels

Martensite transformation start temperature during quench and austempering in Fe-8Ni-0.2C alloys

Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast AlxCrFe2Ni2 high-entropy alloys with Al content

Prediction of mechanical properties of wrought aluminium alloys using feature engineering assisted machine learning approach

Strength of 316L stainless steel single-lap joints brazed with Ni-based metallic glass foils for corrosive environments

The Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Investigate Precipitation Behavior in Nickel-Base Superalloys under Continuous Cooling and Heating Conditions

Introduction to Heterostructured Materials: A Fast Emerging Field

Evolution of the Microstructure of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Ti64 During Post-Build Heat Treatment

The Constant-Stress, Constant-Heating-Rate Test: A Novel Method for Characterizing Transient Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials


Transient Plastic Flow and Phase Dissolution during Hot Compression of Alpha/Beta Titanium Alloys

Utilization of waste materials for the manufacturing of better-quality wear and corrosion-resistant steels

Simulation of Shrinkage Porosity Formation During Alloy Solidification

Segmentation and Alignment of Nd2Fe14B Platelets in Nd-Cu Eutectic Alloys Using the Electromagnetic Vibration Technique

An in-situ diagnostic study of electromagnetic stirring effects on peritectic solidification kinetics for containerlessly processed liquid Fe-Ti alloys

Viewpoint on the formation and evolution of annealing twins during thermomechanical processing of FCC metals and alloys

Solving recent challenges for wrought Ni-base superalloys

Solidification of metallic alloys: Does the structure of the liquid matter?

An Overview of the Thermomechanical Processing of α/β Titanium Alloys: Current Status and Future Research Opportunities

New Opportunities in Refractory Alloys


Magnetic Transformations and Phase Diagrams

Magneto-mechanical Effect on the Magnetic Properties and Microstructures in Nanocrystalline Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B Alloys

Thermal stability, grain growth kinetics and mechanical properties of bulk ultrafine grained AA6063/SiC composites with varying reinforcement size

Combined Deformation and Solidification-Driven Porosity Formation in Aluminum Alloys

Thermal Upgrading of Nickeliferous Pyrrhotite Tailings for the Recovery of Nickel in the Form of Ferronickel Alloy

Model Study Of Blast Furnace Operation With Central Coke Charging

In situ Observation of Bainite Transformation and Simultaneous Carbon Enrichment in Austenite in Low-Alloyed TRIP Steel Using Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction Techniques 

Hydrogen desorption spectra from excess vacancy-type defects enhanced by hydrogen in tempered martensitic steel showing quasi-cleavage fracture 

Design and characterization of a heat-resistant ferritic steel strengthened by MX precipitates

On the nitrogen-induced lattice expansion of a non-stainless austenitic steel, Invar 36®, under Triode Plasma Nitriding

Metallurgical phase transformation and behaviour of steels under impact loading

Magneto-mechanical Effect on the Magnetic Properties and Microstructures in Nanocrystalline Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B Alloys

Evolution of microstructure during the in-situ heating of 42% cold-rolled high Mn steel

Tailoring grain boundary and resultant plasticity of pure iron by pulsed-electric-current treatment

Anisotropy of Mass Transfer During Sintering of Powder Materials with Pore-particle Structure Orientation

Microstructure and properties evolution of Co-Al-W-Ni-Cr superalloys by molybdenum and niobium substitutions for tungsten


Dynamic Strain Aging Phenomena and Tensile Response of Medium-Mn TRIP steels

A three-stage mechanistic model for solidification cracking during welding of steel

Atomic species associated with the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect in superalloy 718 studied by mechanical spectroscopy

Influence of the Strain History on TWIP Steel Deformation Mechanisms in the Deep-Drawing Process

Strength and ductility with dual grain-size and texture gradients in AZ31 Mg alloy

The Effect of Cooling Rate on High-Temperature Precipitation in a Powder-Metallurgy, Gamma/Gamma-Prime Nickel-Base Superalloy

Effect of steel galvanization on the microstructure and mechanical 2 performances of planar magnetic pulse welds of aluminum and steel

The Influence of Annealing Temperature and Time on the Formation of δ-Phase in Additively-Manufactured Inconel 625

The Influence of the Support Structure on Residual Stress and Distortion in SLM Inconel 718 Parts

Very High Cycle Fatigue of Ni-Based Single-Crystal Superalloys at High Temperature

Creep of single-crystals of nickel-base superalloys at ultra-high homologous temperature

The Correlation Between Intergranular Corrosion Resistance and Copper Content in the Precipitate Microstructure in an AA6005A Alloy


Improving the Mechanical Properties of the Fusion Zone in Electron Beam Welded Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Alloys

Deformation Behavior of Powder Metallurgy Connecting Rod Preform During Hot Forging Based on Hot Compression and Finite Element Method Simulation

Microstructural Analyses Of ATI 718PLUS® Produced By Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Process

Peritectic solidification path of the La(Fe,Si)13 phase in a 2 dual-phase directionally solidified La-Fe-Si magnetocaloric alloys

Reinforcement Size Dependence of Load Bearing Capacity in Ultra-Fine Grained Metal Matrix Composites

Evaluation of solid-solution hardening in several binary alloy systems using diffusion couples combined with nanoindentation

Formation of the Ni3Nb δ-phase in stress-relieved Inconel 625 produced via laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing

Texture Development and Material Flow Behavior during Refill Friction-Stir-Spot Welding of AlMgSc

Early Stages of Microstructure and Texture Evolution during Beta Annealing of Ti-6Al-4V

Understanding the interdependencies between composition, microstructure, and continuum variables and their influence on the fracture toughness of alpha/beta-processed Ti-6Al-4V

Nano-scale mechanical properties and microstructure of irradiated 2 X-750 Ni-based superalloy


Microstructure Evolution of a Medium Manganese Steel During Thermomechanical Processing

Precipitation in a Ag-Containing Mg-Y-Zn Alloy

Toward Improving the Type IV Cracking Resistance in Cr-Mo Steel Weld Through Thermo-Mechanical Processing

Materials for a Non-Steady-State World

Effect of Process Variables on the Inertia Friction Welding of Superalloys LSHR and Mar-M247

Analysis on the Deflection Angle of Columnar Dendrites of Continuous Casting Steel Billets Under the Influence of Mold Electromagnetic Stirring

Effects of Ga and Sn Additions on the Creep Strength and Oxidation Resistance of Near-α Ti Alloys

Elevated Temperature Effects on the Plastic Anisotropy of an Extruded Mg-4 Wt Pct Li Alloy: Experiments and Polycrystal Modeling

Autonomous Filling of Grain-Boundary Cavities during Creep Loading in Fe-Mo Alloys


Segregation-Induced Enhancement of Low Temperature Tensile Ductility in a Cast High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel Exhibiting Deformation-Induced alpha' Martensite Formation

Method of Estimating the Long-Term Rupture Strength of 11Cr-2W-0.4Mo-1Cu-Nb-V Steel

Effects of Film Stress and Geometry on Texture Evolution before and after the Martensitic Transformation in a Nanocrystalline Co Thin Film

Precipitation Behavior in the Heat Affected Zone of Boron Added 9Cr-3W-3Co Steel during Post Weld Heat Treatment and Creep Deformation

Hydrogen Embrittlement Understood

Dislocation Effects on the Diffraction Profiles from Nanocrystalline Domains

Selective Growth of Low Stored Energy Grains During delta sub-solvus Annealing in the Inconel 718 Nickel Base Superalloy

The High-Strain Rate Loading of Structural Biological Materials

Coble, Orowan Strengthening and Dislocation Climb Mechanisms in a Nb-Modified Zircaloy Cladding

Influence of Dynamic Compression on Phase Transformation of Martensitic NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

The Origin of Fracture in the I-ECAP of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy

The Dislocation Mechanism of Stress Corrosion Embrittlement in Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo

Thermal Stir Welds in Titanium

Bulk Diffusion-Controlled Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy with Examples for Hydrogen in Iron


Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Copper Processed by Twist Extrusion with a Reduced Twist-Line Slope 

A Atom Probe Study of Kappa Carbide Precipitation and the Effect of Silicon Addition

Effects of Oxides on Tensile and Charpy Impact Properties and Fracture Toughness in Heat Affected Zones of Oxide-containing API X80 Linepipe Steels

Stress-Induced Grain Growth in an Ultra-fine Grained Al Alloy 

Time-Dependent Crack Growth Thresholds of Ni-base Superalloys

Measurement and Modeling of Hydrogen Environment Assisted Cracking in Monel K-500

On the Modeling of the Diffraction Pattern from Metal Nanocrystals

Role of Nanostructure in Electrochemical Corrosion and High Temperature Oxidation:  A Review

Al-TiC Composites Fabricated by a Thermally Activated Reaction Process in an Al Melt Using Al-Ti-C-CuO Powder Mixtures:  Part I. Microstructural Evolution and Reaction Mechanism

The Computational Design of W and Co Containing Creep Resistant Steels with Barely Coarsening Laves Phase and M23C6 as the Strengthening Precipitates

On the Roles of Oxidation and Vaporization in Surface Microstructural Instability during Solution Heat Treatment of Ni-Base Superalloys

Modifications of the Response of Materials to Shock Loading by Age Hardening

Pore Formation upon Nitriding Iron and Iron-based Alloys: The Role of Alloying Elements and Grain Boundaries

Model Fe-Al Steel with Exceptional Resistance to High Temperature Coarsening:  Part I.  Coarsening Mechanism and Particle Pinning Effects

Deformation Mechanisms in Austenitic TRIP/TWIP Steel as a Function of Temperature


Comparison Between Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Upsetting and Conventional Upsetting

Crystallographic Analysis of Proeutectoid Ferrite/Austenite Interface and Interphase Precipitation of Vanadium Carbide in Medium Carbon Steel

Bi-axial Deformation of the Magnesium Alloy AZ80

Study of {1121} Twinning in alpha-Ti by EBSD and Laue Microdiffraction

Methods for Designing Concurrently Strengthened Severely-Deformed Age-Hardenable Aluminum Alloys by Ultrafine-Grained and Precipitation Hardenings

Development of Microstructures of Long-Period Stacking Ordered Structures in Mg85Y9Zn6 Alloys Annealed at 673 K Examined by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering

Formability of Ultrafine-Grained Interstitial-Free Steels 

The Effect of Aging on the Relaxation of Residual Stress in Cast Aluminum

Time-Resolved X-Ray Microtomography Observationb of Intermetallics Formation Between Solid Fe and Liquid Al

High Cycle Fatigue of Cast Mg-3Nd-0.2Zn Magnesium Alloys

Effect of Rare Earth Additions on the Texture of Wrought Magnesium Alloys:  The Role of Grain Boundary Segregation

Characterizing the Local Primary Dendrite Arm Spacing in Directionally-Solidified Dendritic Microstructures

Phase-field Modeling of Polycrystalline Solidification: From Needle Crystals to Spherulites - a Review

On the Spheroidized Carbide Dissolution and Elemental Partitioning in High Carbon Bearing Steel 100Cr6

Thermochemical Investigations in the System Cadmium-Praseodymium Relevant for Pyro-metallurgical Fuel Reprocessing


On the Distinction Between Plasticity- and Roughness-Induced Fatigue Crack Closure

The Evolution of Al-Li Base Products for Aerospace and Space Applications

Precipitation and Hardening in Magnesium Alloys

Gas-Solid Interactions during Non-Isothermal Heat Treatment of a High-Strength CrMnCN Austenitic Steel Powder:  Influence of Atmospheric Conditions and Heating Rate on the Densification Behavior

Variant Selection During Cooling Following Beta Annealing of Ti-6Al-4V Ingot Material

Precipitation of Nb in Ferrite after Austenite Conditioning, Part II: Strengthening Contribution in HSLA Steels

Reminiscences about a Nobel Prize won in Metallurgy

Fabrication of Porous Aluminum with Directional Pores through Continuous Casting Technique

Behavior of Boron in Molten Aluminum and Its Grain Refinement Mechanism

The Distribution of Grain Boundary Planes in Interstitial Free Steel

Interference Effects in Nanocrystalline Systems

Quantitative Characterization of Precipitate Microstructures in Metallic Alloys Using Small-Angle Scattering

Effect of Precipitate Shape and Habit on Mechanical Asymmetry in Magnesium Alloys

Ultrafine Grained Al-Mg-Sc Alloy via Friction Stir Processing

Applied Stress Affecting the Environmentally Assisted Cracking

Effect of Porosity on Deformation, Damage, and Fracture of Cast Steel