Call for Papers - Seismicity and geodynamics in Corinth Gulf and other Near Fault Observatories - Special Issue

The Corinth rift is among the fastest extending continental regions in the world. It has one of the highest seismicity rates in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with frequent moderate and strong (M≥6.0) earthquakes. With its high extension rate of 12-14 mm per year (which can’t be explained by seismicity alone) it is characterized as a unique, young rift exhibiting a complexity in rift architecture, fault patterns and deformation mechanisms. In addition, lower magnitude earthquakes and seismic swarms are very frequent.

The combination of strong, shallow earthquakes during the 20th century and high crustal deformation rates promoted big interest of the international scientific community and the installation and densification of local seismological and geodetic permanent as well as campaign networks. This infrastructure has also provided observations of slow-slip events, continuous, possibly aseismic deformations, not linked to recordable seismicity. Since 2014 the Corinth Rift Laboratory (CRL) is included as a Near Fault Observatory (NFO) within EPOS.

This Special Issue primarily targets scientific observations related to the understanding of the geodynamic evolution, the seismotectonic context and modes of deformation of the Corinth rift.

We also invite new advancements of research in the fields of geophysics, seismology, geodesy, geology and their synergy exploiting the NFO operational network at their most, source studies and kinematic modeling, seismic anisotropy, active deformation, and new observations on the properties of the medium and the earthquake nucleation phase. Studies related to other Near Fault Observatories are also invited.

Guest Editors:

Dr. George Kaviris (Lead Guest Editor), Associate Professor, Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Dr. Panagiotis Elias (Guest Editor), Associate Researcher, Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Remote Sensing and Space Applications, National Observatory of Athens, Greece
Dr. Athanassios Ganas (Guest Editor), Research Director, Geodynamics Institute, National Observatory of Athens, Greece
Dr. Hélène Lyon Caen (Guest Editor), Research Director, Centre National de la recherche scientifique/ Laboratoire de Geologie – Ecole normale superieure, France

Deadline for manuscript submission: 31 December 2021