Call for Papers - Future Sustainable Development on Geo-Thermal Energy Storage Technologies - Special Issue

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After decades of being largely the preserve of countries in volcanic regions, interest in geothermal energy—for both heat and power applications—is now spreading worldwide, as it is one of the few renewables that offers baseload and despatch able energy with minimal emissions. Thermal energy storage is a technology that stocks thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium so that the stored energy can be used at a later time for heating and cooling applications and power generation. This system is used particularly in buildings and industrial processes. In these applications, approximately half of the energy consumed is in the form of thermal energy, the demand for which may vary during any given day and from one day to next. They can also reduce peak demand, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs, while increasing overall efficiency of energy systems. Furthermore, the conversion and storage of variable renewable energy in the form of thermal energy can also help increase the share of renewables in the energy mix. This Special Issue of will explore the latest developments in technology to enable the diffusion of geothermal energy through far more of the globe. While papers concerning volcanogenic geothermal systems are welcomed, we would particularly welcome those that offer insights also applicable to mid-enthalpy resources elsewhere. novel geothermal resource exploration and characterisation techniques.

Topics of interest for research and industrial experience paper include but are not limited to

  • sensible heat storage that is based on storing thermal energy by heating or cooling a liquid or solid storage medium
  • Big data analysist and artificial intelligence applied to geo-energy
  • Latent heat storage using phase change materials or PCMs 
  • thermo-chemical storage (TCS) using chemical reactions to store and release thermal energy
  • More efficient geothermal power cycles, especially binary systems
  • Evaluation methodologies for geothermal energy as a renewable heat resource
  • Monitoring, modelling and other performance assessment methodologies for operational geothermal systems
  • Constitutive modelling and numerical methods
  • Explorations of the future of geothermal energy, such as EGS at one end of the enthalpy spectrum and supercritical systems at the other


Prof. Savka Dineva
Professor of Seismology
Department of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering Luleå, Sweden

Prof. Ramon Zuniga
A senior researcher at the Center for Geosciences, UNAM
Centro de Geociencias, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico,

Guest Editors

Senior Researcher & Project Manager
Sustainable Energy Communities
MOBI -Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium – 1050

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Osijek, Croatia

Computer, Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering
The Botswana International University of Science & Technology
Palapye, Botswana

Time Line:

Call open: 15 August 2021
Call close: 28 February 2022
First notification: 20 November 2021
Submission of revised manuscript: 20 April 2022
Final notification: 11 June 2022
Final paper due: 30 July 2022
Publication: 2022