Editor's pick

Acta Geophysica is very pleased to be able to present the "Editor's pick". The articles get chosen on the recommendations received by the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editors-in-Chiefs based on the number of citations, timeliness and peak topics, and number of reads:

Photogrammetric reconstruction of changes in vertical river position using archival aerial photos: case study of the Czarny Dunajec River, Polish Carpathians
Maciej Hajdukiewicz, Bartłomiej Wyżga, Hanna Hajdukiewicz & Paweł Mikuś
Published: 24 May 2019 - Open Access

Effect of water–air heat transfer on the spread of thermal pollution in rivers
Monika Barbara Kalinowska
Published: 20 February 2019 - Open Access

A performance evaluation of neuro-fuzzy and regression methods in estimation of sediment load of selective rivers
J. Varvani & M. R. Khaleghi
Published: 26 November 2018 - Free Access till 16th December

Developing nonlinear models for sediment load estimation in an irrigation canal
Fahad Ahmed, Muhammad Hassan & Hashim Nisar Hashmi
Published: 03 November 2018 - Free Access till 16th December

A stem spacing-based non-dimensional model for predicting longitudinal dispersion in low-density emergent vegetation
F. Sonnenwald, V. Stovin & I. Guymer
Published: 01 November 2018 - Open Access