Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award for Optimization Letters is awarded annually to honor the authors of the best paper published in the journal in the previous year.


  • Kouri, D.P. (2019). Higher-moment buffered probability. Optimization Letters 13(6), pp. 1223–1237. (Click here to read)


  • Curtis, F. E., Lubberts, Z., and Robinson, D. P. (2018). Concise complexity analyses for trust region methods. Optimization Letters 12(8), pp. 1713–1724. (Click here to read)


  • Boukouvala, F., Floudas, C. A. (2017). ARGONAUT: AlgoRithms for Global Optimization of coNstrAined grey-box compUTational problems. Optimization Letters 11(5), pp. 895–913. (Click here to read)
  • de Klerk, E., Glineur, F., Taylor, A. B. (2017). On the worst-case complexity of the gradient method with exact line search for smooth strongly convex functions. Optimization Letters 11(7), pp. 1185–1199. (Click here to read)


  • Josz, C., Henrion, D. (2016). Strong duality in Lasserre’s hierarchy for polynomial optimization, Optimization Letters 10(1), pp. 3–10. (Click here to read)
  • Luz, C. J. (2016). A characterization of the weighted Lovász number based on convex quadratic programming. Optimization Letters 10(1), pp. 19–31. (Click here to read)


  • Jeyakumar, V.,  Li, G., Vicente-Pérez. J. (2015). Robust SOS-convex polynomial optimization problems: exact SDP relaxations. Optimization Letters 9(1), pp. 1–18. (Click here to read)


  • Brändén, P. (2014). Hyperbolicity cones of elementary symmetric polynomials are spectrahedral. Optimization Letters 8(5), pp. 1773–1782. (Click here to read)


  • Dickinson, P.J.C., Dür, M., Gijben, L., and Hildebrand, R. (2013). Scaling relationship between the copositive cone and Parrilo’s first level approximation. Optimization Letters 7(8), pp. 1669–1679. (Click here to read)