Call for Papers "SPECIAL ISSUE: Advanced Mechanics and Numerical Modelling of Transport Infrastructures and Materials"

Proposed Topics

Constitutive models based on mechanics theories have been the kernel of performance prediction of transport infrastructures and materials. They lay down a solid foundation for material selection, design and infrastructural evaluation and maintenance decisions. Advances in mechanics modelling for the transport infrastructures and construction materials are emerging constantly such as the nonlinear viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, fracture, and damage mechanics models. Meanwhile, various numerical modelling technologies are being developed and implemented to solve the multiscale and multiphysics equations and models for the transport infrastructure and materials. Examples include finite element, discrete element, micromechanics or molecular dynamics simulations at different dimensions and scales. They are being applied to both the existing traditional infrastructure materials and the novel and emerging materials such as recycled, modified or alternative materials. All the aforementioned advances have been leading to a great amount of new studies and discoveries in the relevant areas. This special issue provides a unique platform for collecting and presenting these novel studies and new discoveries in the areas of mechanics and numerical modelling of transport infrastructures and Materials.

Potential topics may include but not limited the following

  • Advanced Constitutive Models for Infrastructure Materials Viscoelastic, Viscoplastic, Fracture and Damage Mechanics Analysis
  • Finite/Boundary/Discrete Element Modelling of Infrastructures and Materials
  • Molecular Dynamics Modelling and Micromechanics Modelling
  • Performance Predictions of Transport Infrastructures and Materials
  • Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling and Evaluations
  • Mechanics Modelling for Novel and Alternative Infrastructure Materials

Lead Guest Editors

Dr. Yuqing Zhang, Associate Professor, Aston University (UK)

Dr. Xuecheng Bian, Professor, Zhejiang University (China)

Dr. Zhen Leng, Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China)

Dr. Dawei Wang, Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology (China)

Dr. Xue Luo, ZJU100 Professor, Zhejiang University (China)

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Note to authors:
Please add "SI-2020ATIM" at the beginning of the article title for the manuscript, and select "Article" as the article type during the submission.

Papers will be published online upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.