SPECIAL ISSUE: Noise and Vibration from Transportation

The proposed topic on rail transportation noise and vibration covers the broad issue of generation and propagation of sound and ground borne vibration from rail transport. Rail induced vibration has gained more attention in recent years. This Special Issue is partly dedicated, but not limited, to the urban environment, with low speed rail bound transport. In addition, airborne and ground-borne noise from urban light rail transit (LRT) networks is considered a major parameter of possible degradation of the urban acoustic environment. Important adverse effects consist of increased levels of annoyance due to the vibration transmitted to buildings. Recent - state of the art - research developments have led to significant advances in the subject of railway-induced building vibrations over the past twenty years. Problems related to vibrations in buildings represent an important environmental issue in network designs, especially for nearby structures in densely populated cities.

Potential topics of this Special Issue may include but not limited the following:

  • Vehicle and track dynamics and their effect on vehicle comfort
  • Effect of transportation vibration on the urban environment
  • Airborne and ground-borne noise from transportation networks
  • Rail vehicle noise, vibration and harshness
  • Track/bridge interaction and structural vibrations
  • Environmental noise and vibration mitigation measures for rail vehicles and track

Contributions could deal with measurements, with models for detailed and more global vibration prediction and with validation of numerical models. Models and empirical methods for determination of the excitation mechanisms and propagation models are also welcome.

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Papers will be published online upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

In recent years, Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A (Applied Physics & Engineering) (JZUS-A in short) has published four special issues/features and some invited papers on the topic of high-speed railway technology, including papers on rail transportation noise and vibration. JZUS-A also published one book China’s High-Speed Rail Technology: An International Perspective.

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Lead Guest Editors

Prof. Georges KOUROUSSIS
Associate Professor

Université de Mons, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Dynamics and Vibrations
31 Boulevard Dolez   B-7000 Mons - BELGIUM
Phone +32(0)65/37.4215
Εmail: georges.kouroussis@umons.ac.be

Prof. Shengyang ZHU
Associate Professor

Southwest Jiaotong University, Train and Track Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of Traction Power

Chengdu 610031 - P.R. CHINA
Phone: +86-15198282348

Εmail: syzhu@swjtu.edu.cn

Prof. Konstantinos VOGIATZIS


Laboratory of Transportation Environmental Acoustics (LTEA)

University of Thessaly, Faculty of Civil Engineers

Pedion Areos -38334 Volos - GREECE

Phone: +30-24210 – 74170 - +30-210-6561776/7/8

Εmail: kvogiatz@uth.gr