Call for Papers: Focused Issue on "Protectionism in International Business"

Guest Editors:

Mohammad Ahammad (University of Leeds, UK
Ilan Alon (University of Agder, Norway
Jeremy Clegg (University of Leeds, UK
Shlomo Tarba (University of Birmingham, UK
Ilan Vertinsky (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Globalization has increased the ebb and flow of products, capital, employees, and information. However, these flows have been interrupted by the recent waves of nationalistic, xenophobic, and anti-globalist movements of all stripes (Ghemawat, 2016). Populist governments have risen in various parts of Europe, the Americas and Asia and have led to renewed trade and geopolitical tensions along the East-West and South-North axes.

Thus, we believe that examination of the links between environmental condition, such as protectionism, tariffs, immigration policies, censorship, surveillance, trade and investment agreements, convertibility restrictions and trade wars, institutions and the multinational enterprise is very timely in the International Business domain.

Recent shifts towards the more protectionist and nationalistic policies in the political terrain of the two major energy importing and consuming nations on both sides of the Pacific are set to pose existential concerns and questions for policymakers (Aidelojie, 2019).

We welcome submissions addressing the following issues (but not to the exclusion of other topics related to the theme of the call for papers):

  • How can multinational firms manage the new political landscape of protectionism?
  • What are the interrelationships between nationalism, populism, isolationism, and protectionism and the multinational firm?
  • What is the impact protectionism on the global value chain disagglomeration/disintegration?
  • What are the interrelationships between protectionism and non-market strategies employed by MNEs and SMEs?
  • What is the impact of protectionism on the pursuits of M&A, joint ventures, and strategic alliances by MNEs and SMEs?
  • What is the impact of the protectionism on the new emergent global order in terms of the institutional structures (or institutional voids)?
  • What is the role of protectionism in the agenda setting for the IB scholarship?
  • How protectionism causes and effects might be better understood utilizing concepts from organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and behavioral economics?

These issues are not meant to be exhaustive but illustrative of possible topics.    We especially welcome submissions from researchers in IB.  We welcome submissions aimed at theory development and empirical investigation of theoretically-grounded research questions.  Empirical investigations may be quantitative, qualitative, or a mix of both approaches.  We seek a broad range of manuscripts addressing protectionism-related issues promising novel contributions to international business realm.

Submission Information

All papers will be subject to double blind peer review.
Authors should follow MIR submission guidelines.
Contributions should be submitted in English, in a Microsoft Word format directly via e-mail to Shlomo Tarba ( by the deadline of January 31, 2021.
Questions can be addressed to the following co-editors: Mohammad Ahammad (, Ilan Alon (, or Shlomo Tarba (


Aidelojie, K. E. A. (2019). Brexit and Trumpism: The Renaissance of Protectionism and Nationalism and Its Effect on Twenty-First-Century African Energy Policy. In Energy in Africa (pp. 15-39). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
Ghemawat, P. (2016). The laws of globalization and business applications. Cambridge University Press.

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