Special Issues - Call for Papers

We welcome submissions for the upcoming special issues of Journal of Real-Time Image Processing

Special Issue on Real-Time Image Processing for Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
Guest Editors: Houbing Song, Zhihan Lv, Jaime Lloret
Deadline for submission: 1st November 2020

Special Issue on Real-Time Computer Vision for Accident Detection and Prevention
Guest Editors: Oscar Sanjuán Martinez, Giuseppe Fenza, Ruben Gonzalez Crespo
Deadline for submission: 30th December 2020

Special Issue on Deep Learning for Emerging Embedded Real-Time Image and Video Processing Systems
Guest Editors:
Gwanggil Jeon, Ernesto Damiani, Marcelo Keese Albertini, Abdellah Chehri
Deadline for submission: 1st January 2021

Special Issue on Real-Time Intelligent Image Processing in Internet of Things
Guest Editors:
Mu-Yen Chen, Edwin Lughofer, Jose de Jesus Rubio, Hsin-Te Wu
Deadline for submission: 2nd January 2021

Special Issue on Real-Time Statistical Image and Video Processing for Remote Sensing and Surveillance Applications
Guest Editors: Mohammad Khosravi, Pooya Tavallali, Alireza Jolfaei
Deadline for submission: 30th April 2021