Online learning in the K-12 space

K-12 Introduction 

For over 60 years, TechTrends has produced a significant body of work Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning. The articles in this section address online learning in the K-12 space. The articles were selected because they can inform the conversation on rapidly transitioning to online teaching and were selected from a review of over 200 issues from 1990 - 2020. The articles focus on High School, but can also inform going online for K-12 stakeholders broadly. While online high schools have been around for many years, the process of curating the selection revealed that there were not as many articles for this sector as compared to higher education or out-of-school research. What the pandemic reveals then is that online learning research can not only be confined to adults; it is also now necessary to explore the use of some of these environments for and by younger learners.

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This collection of articles and introduction was created by Dr. Tutaleni Asino of Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK (USA)