Higher Education & Covid-19

Amongst the hundreds of articles published in TechTrends, there are many that can be used to inform the remote teaching and learning caused by COVID19. The articles below focus on design, learning and teaching online Higher Education and across general educational settings. Specifically, they dealt with one or more of the following: online teaching strategies; unique characteristics of online learning environments; guidelines for using specific tools, strategies, etc. Much will be said about the impact of COVID-19, what would be untrue; however, is to assert that there was no research to inform online teaching practice. The selection below is but a small sample of what has been produced by TechTrends, which can be multiplied by thousands of articles from other journals within AECT and multiplied exponentially by a vast body of literature that makes up our field. The articles below are a small sampling of research-based practices that can informing the conversation and considerations for teaching and learning online.

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This collection of articles and introduction was created by Dr. Tutaleni Asino of Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK (USA) tutaleni.asino@okstate.edu