Materials and Structures: Outstanding Papers 2021

Each year, up to ten papers are selected by Materials and Structures' board of editors and the RILEM presidency and published as open access papers. These papers, which cover all fields of RILEM activities, exemplify the highest standards in our scientific community.

Behaviour of an interface between pavement layers obtained
using Digital Image Correlation, by T. Attia, H. Di Benedetto, C. Sauzéat, and S. Pouget

Temperature dependence of viscoelastic Poisson’s ratio of cement mortar, by Aishwarya Baranikumar, Christa E. Torrence & Zachary Grasley 

Hardened properties and durability of large-scale 3D printed cement-based materials, by Yu Zhang, Yunsheng Zhang, Lin Yang, Guojian Liu, Yidong Chen, Shiwei Yu & Hongjian Du

A multi-level investigation on the mechanical response of TRM-strengthened masonry, by Ali Dalalbashi, Bahman Ghiassi & Daniel V. Oliveira 

Triaxial mechanical behaviour of hybrid basalt–polypropylene fibre-reinforced concrete: The effect of micro-fibres at multi scale levels, by Qiang Fu, Mengxin Bu, Li Su, Lei Liu, Lou Chen, Ning Li & Ditao Niu 

RILEM TC 277-LHS report: a review on the mechanisms of setting and hardening of lime-based binding systems, by 
J. I. Alvarez, R. Veiga, S. Martínez-Ramírez, M. Secco, P. Faria, P. N. Maravelaki, M. Ramesh, I. Papayianni & J. Válek 

Recommendation of RILEM TC 258-AAA: RILEM AAR-0 outline guide to the use of RILEM methods in the assessment of the alkali-reactivity potential of concrete, by Terje F. Rønning, Børge Johannes Wigum, Jan Lindgård, Philip Nixon & Ian Sims 

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