Most cited articles

Disappearing cosmological constant in f(R) gravity
A.A. Starobinsky

Entanglement in alternating open chains of nuclear spins s=1/2 with the XY Hamiltonian
S.I. Doronin, A.N. Pyrkov, E.B. Fel'dman

Determination of the transport and optical properties of a nonideal solid-density plasma produced by femtosecond laser pulses
M.B. Agranat, N.E. Andreev, S.I. Ashitkov, et al.

Density of stationary points in a high dimensional random energy landscape and the onset of glassy behavior
Y.V. Fyodorov, H.J. Sommers, I. Williams

No realistic wormholes from ghost-free scalar-tensor phantom dark energy
K.A. Bronnikov, A.A. Starobinsky

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