Best Paper Prize 2019

12 February 2021

We are delighted to announce the awarding of the Acta Geotechnica Best Paper Prize for papers published in 2019. The prize (which includes a €1,000 fund donated by our publisher, Springer Nature), is usually announced one year after the papers’ publication, and will be awarded annually. The prize papers are selected by the editors based on their scientific merit and their impact in the community.

This year's prize, for papers published in 2019, is shared between two papers:

Gao, Y., Sun, D., Zhu, Z. & Xu, Y. Hydromechanical behavior of unsaturated soil with different initial densities over a wide suction range. Acta Geotechnica 14, 417–428 (2019).

Wang, Y.-T., Zhou, X.-P. & Kou, M.-M. Three-dimensional numerical study on the failure characteristics of intermittent fissures under compressive-shear loads. Acta Geotechnica 14, 1161–1193 (2019).

These two papers will now be freely available (without subscription to Acta Geotechnica) for eight weeks, to celebrate and promote their success. We congratulate the prize winners and thank them for choosing Acta Geotechnica for their publications.

Editors in Chief,
Ronaldo Borja, Jian Chu, Wei Wu
Acta Geotechnica

Publishing Editor
Dan Johnson
Springer Nature

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