Free Access to Special Issue: Shifting to Digital - Informing the Rapid Development, Deployment, and Future of Teaching and Learning

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This ETR&D Special Issue, “Shifting to Digital” was created to synthesize and inform the rapid development, deployment, and future of teaching and learning. Rather than rushing out a special issue for new studies about responding to COVID-19, the ETR&D editors and editorial boards wondered how research published in the past five years might inform the best ways to respond to rapid shifts to digitally intensive learning, in the pandemic situation and in similar situations that might arise in the future. An effort was made to ensure that the selected papers and the commentaries responding to the selected papers would help the teachers, and that they would represent diverse perspectives, cultures, situations, theories, and practices. The process was deliberate and reasoned, but should not be seen as an exhaustive activity as there is more to be done. A team of seven editors and five editorial board members worked intensively for nine months to develop this issue, resulting in a total of 97 peer-reviewed responding papers and editorial notes. The issue is a deeply reflective exercise in examining how what academic researchers are currently doing might inform practice and improve instruction when facing these challenging situations.