Call for Reviewers

Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR& D) is experiencing record levels of submissions. As a result, we are seeking additional qualified reviewers. We invite you to join our family of reviewers and look forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications: ETR&D reviewers typically have a terminal degree (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D.), three years of academic or professional experience beyond the degree, and at least one publication in ETR&D or in a comparable high-quality peer-reviewed journal.

Responsibilities: Reviewers are generally invited to review 3-5 submissions a year with the understanding that many submissions require more than one review cycle. ETR&D employs a double-blind peer-review process – reviewers do not learn the identity of authors nor do authors learn the identity of reviewers. All reviewers receive anonymous versions of the editor’s decision letter to the author along with anonymous copies of all the reviews.

Benefits: ETR&D is published by Springer and uses an online editorial management system (i.e., Editorial Manager) that makes reviewing efficient. We also offer a trial reviewer period for those unsure about serving as a reviewer. There is no compensation for reviewers other than staying at the cutting edge of educational technology research and development, and having the satisfaction of contributing to the scholarship in our disciplines. Reviewers who continue to provide quality reviews will have priority for consideration as Consulting Editors, Editorial Board members, and Guest Editors for special issues.

Reviewer updates and appreciation: The current reviewers are also invited to update their profiles and research interests in the ETR&D Editorial Manager system. With updated information, we will be able to assign manuscripts that better match your interests. We send our sincere thanks to those of you who have been our longtime active reviewers, Consulting Editors, and Editorial Board members. Without your generosity and dedication, ETR&D would not have been able to maintain its reputation as a high-quality and top-tier journal in the field.

Contact: Interested persons should contact Assistant Editors, Dr. Gloria Natividad ( or Dr. Hale Ilgaz (, who will send qualified persons sample reviews, request your areas of interest and expertise, and help you register as a reviewer. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have any questions or suggestions for ETR&D.

The Editorship Team

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Development Section: Lin Lin (

Cultural and Regional Perspectives: Patricia A. Young (