Call for Papers

Science education during times of crisis: Reflections, responses, and forward thinking from the CSSE community

Cultural Studies of Science Education (CSSE) is a journal that examines science education as a cultural, cross-age, cross-class, and cross-disciplinary phenomenon. It establishes bridges between science education and social studies of science, public understanding of science, science and human values, and science and literacy. The journal provides an interactive platform for researchers working in the multidisciplinary fields of cultural studies and science education. A recent CSSE editorial introduced the idea for devoting parts of the upcoming issues of volume 15 of the journal to papers relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Aligned with the aim of serving as a venue for scholarly innovation and dialogue, and in response to the current global circumstances, we will devote parts of the upcoming issues of the journal, to papers dealing with science education during these times of uncertainty, and we call on the CSSE community to generate scholarly dialogue and reflection focused on the overarching question: How can the Cultural Studies of Science Education community contribute to understanding, responding to, and reenvisioning this era of pandemic?” (Siry, 2020)

We hope to highlight a diversity of reflections and responses from the CSSE community, with a goal of looking forward and finding solutions through collective exchange and dialogue. Following Arundhati Roy’s provocation (2020) to think of the “pandemic as a portal” to possible futures, a key question guiding this special call for papers is: What role could science education play towards imagining and realizing possible futures?

Submission Guidelines
Given unequal pressures on scholars’ time and the need for a fast turnaround due to the timeliness of the topic, we encourage submissions of shorter manuscripts, in the range of 2,500-5,000 words, and will consider a wide variety of formats and genres, including theoretical reflections, position papers, empirical studies, works in progress, metalogues, manifestos, polemics, response papers, and creative pieces, amongst others. All submissions must be immersed in sociocultural studies perspectives and related to the aims of the journal.

Authors’ style guide can be found here
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We are open to a wide range of topics, and possibilities could include:

• The social and cultural production of mis/trust in science

• Political ideologies, science, and conflicts between individual and social goods

• Science and concepts of borders/borderlands

• Pandemics as front-end coal mine canaries - the coming climate crises

• Issues of (in)justice and equity in science and science education during times of crises

• Climate change, pandemics and the role of science education

• Social, conceptual, ethical, epistemological issues within the field of science education

• Critical analyses of policies and institutions that hinder/facilitate progress

These topics are starting suggestions, we are sure there are many more foci that our community is grappling with, and we look forward to considering a wide range of topics. We invite potential authors to think broadly about the role of the science education community at a time of crisis, both within and beyond COVID-19, as crises emerge at different times, scales and with far-reaching effects, and we hope to receive submissions from a range of scholars and perspectives.

Given the timeliness of this call, submissions will go through a fast-track peer-review process, coordinated by journal co-editors Catherine Milne and Christina Siry together with guest co-editors Jennifer Adams, Joseph Henderson, and David Long.

Submission deadline for consideration for issue 4: August 31, 2020.