Highly Cited Award

The Journal of Natural Medicines Highly Cited Award has been conferred to the following papers by the JONM Award Selection Committee of the Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy based on their contribution of citations to the previous year's Journal Impact Factor.

Highly Cited Review Award 2023
Takashi Maoka, Carotenoids as natural functional pigments, Journal of Natural Medicines (2020) 74: 1–16
2022 cites: 115

Highly Cited Article Award 2023
Amira A. Abdellatef, Moustafa Fathy, Abd El‐Salam I. Mohammed, Marwa S. Abu Bakr, Amal H. Ahmed, Hatem S. Abbass, Ahmed H. El‐Desoky, Hiroyuki Morita, Toshio Nikaido, Yoshihiro Hayakawa, Inhibition of cell‐intrinsic NF‐κB activity and metastatic abilities of breast cancer by aloe‐emodin and emodic‐acid isolated from Asphodelus microcarpus, Journal of Natural Medicines (2021) 75: 840–853
2022 cites: 14

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