Meet the Editors

Sanna Järvelä  
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Sanna Järvelä is a Professor in Learning Sciences and Educational Technology and head of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) and director of the LeaF research infrastructure in the University of Oulu. Her main research interests deal with self-regulated learning, computer supported collaborative learning and on-line learning processes. Järvelä and her research group is internationally recognized in theoretical and methodological advancement of social aspects of self-regulated learning (socially shared regulation in learning) and processes oriented and multimodal research methods. Järvelä is the member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, the past EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) president and invited member of the expert group of the OECD’s PISA 2024 ‘Learning in the Digital World’. 

Carolyn Rosé
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Dr. Carolyn Rosé is a Professor of Language Technologies and Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.  Her research program is focused on better understanding the social and pragmatic nature of conversation, and using this understanding to build computational systems that can improve the efficacy of conversation between people, and between people and computers. In order to pursue these goals, she invokes approaches from computational discourse analysis and text mining, conversational agents, and computer supported collaborative learning.  Her research group’s highly interdisciplinary work is represented in the top venues in 5 fields: namely, Language Technologies, Learning Sciences, Cognitive Science, Educational Technology, and Human-Computer Interaction, with awards in 3 of these fields.  She serves as Past President and Inaugural Fellow of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, Senior member of IEEE, Founding Chair of the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era.