Top 10 Downloaded Articles 2020

We want to thank the authors of our most-downloaded articles during 2020, and highlight to our readers some of the most impactful research to have published in the journal. We hope that you will find the data interesting.

Toward a robot swarm protecting a group of migrants
by Maxime Vaidis & Martin J.-D. Otis 

Path planning for active SLAM based on deep reinforcement learning under unknown environments
by Shuhuan Wen, Yanfang Zhao, Xiao Yuan, Zongtao Wang, Dan Zhang & Luigi Manfredi 

A review of magnetic actuation systems and magnetically actuated guidewire- and catheter-based microrobots for vascular interventions
by Junsun Hwang, Jin-young Kim & Hongsoo Choi

Flexible, adaptive industrial assembly: driving innovation through competition
by Josie Hughes, Kieran Gilday, Luca Scimeca, Soham Garg & Fumiya Iida 

Comprehensive review on brain-controlled mobile robots and robotic arms based on electroencephalography signals
by Majid Aljalal, Sutrisno Ibrahim, Ridha Djemal & Wonsuk Ko 

A neural network-based approach for variable admittance control in human-robot cooperation: online adjustment of the virtual inertia
by Abdel-Nasser Sharkawy, Panagiotis N.  Koustoumpardis & Nikos Aspragathos 

HANDS: a multimodal dataset for modeling toward human grasp intent inference in prosthetic hands
by Mo Han, Sezen Yağmur Günay, Gunar Schirner, Taşkın Padır & Deniz Erdoğmuş 

Reinforcement learning path planning algorithm based on obstacle area expansion strategy
by Haiyang Chen, Yebiao Ji & Longhui Niu 

Motion planning in semistructured environments with teaching roadmaps
by Qiang Qiu & Qixin Cao 

Robot perception of static and dynamic objects with an autonomous floor scrubber
by Zhi Yan, Simon Schreiberhuber, Georg Halmetschlager, Tom Duckett, Markus Vincze & Nicola Bellotto