Call for Papers: Nationalism and Its Impact on World Politics During COVID-19


“Nationalism and Impacts on World Politics amid COVID-19 Pandemic”

Nationalism is a double-edged sword. Nationalism can be a powerful force to unite a society and provide benefits to a country but also has the capacity to wreak devastation and create hostilities among nations in the age of globalization. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, nationalism is surging and sweeping across the world, particularly in some major powers, such as China, the United States, Russia, and some European countries. What could be the impacts of nationalism on global politics and world economy? Is globalization dead? Is it the end of the world order? How will the world order look like? So many doubts have been casted over the world where we live in many ways. We call for papers that would engage in reflective and critical discourse on the subject matters, with no limit on the scope and topics, and shed light on our understanding of state foreign policy behaviors, and the future of globalization, world order and global governance.

Although papers will be published in journals with “Chinese” in titles, this is not a call for papers on China/Chinese politics, but on the topic and issues specified above. As such, there is no need for papers to have a specific Chinese dimension or focus. If China happened to be an issue, it should be dealt with in the discourse context.

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Key elements for Abstracts
Author(s) and contact email
Purpose/question/: The paper aims to do what, or address what questions, and why it is theoretically and practically significant
Design/theoretical/methodological/approaches if any
Academic value and contributions

Timeline for submission of abstracts and papers

Proposed abstracts due May 1, 2020.

Lead author will be contacted with final determination about submissions by May 15

Manuscript submissions (6000 and 8000 words) are due July 15, 2020

Review completed by August 15, 2018

Targeting dates for publication September, 2020

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