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Reproductive Aging

Guest Editors Drs. Augusto Schneider, Amanda Kallen, and Jennifer Garrison, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zoltan Ungvari, and the editorial team of GeroScience invite submission of original research articles, opinion papers and review articles related to research focused on understanding the mechanisms that underlie longevity in reproductive tissues and how to extend it.

Aging in the gonad dramatically affects aging in somatic tissues, yet we know little about the mechanisms regulating healthy aging in reproductive organs, nor how this crosstalk is achieved. Reproductive aging is sexually dimorphic and driven by both normal physiological processes and environmental factors. While paternal aging does not affect fecundity directly, the onset and regulation of gonadal senescence in aging men has profound effects on other systems. Senescence of female reproductive organs also strongly affects somatic aging, but conversely, these tissues show overt signs of aging decades before other tissues. In ovaries, decline in egg quality and quantity has significant clinical consequences including infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects. At menopause, the end of fertility sets off a cascade of negative health effects in the female body that impact bone, cognitive, cardiovascular and immune function. Moreover, a longer reproductive lifespan, defined as the time interval between menarche and menopause, has also been associated with decreased morbidity and mortality. Yet, the mechanisms behind this broad phenomenon remain elusive. 

This call-for-papers is aimed at providing a platform for the dissemination of critical and novel ideas related to an exploration of the molecular bases of reproductive longevity and how these might be targeted to delay reproductive senescence or alleviate its negative health consequences. We welcome manuscripts focused on understanding mechanisms that regulate aging in reproductive tissues and their relationship to overall organismal healthspan and longevity, including identification of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate aging in reproductive organs; mechanisms of germ cell and niche aging and how these might regulate systemic aging; and the development of new models to study these interactions. Understanding how and why reproductive organs age will have direct implications for understanding aging in the rest of the body.

All manuscripts accepted from this Call for Papers will be included in a unique online article collection to further highlight the importance of this topic. 

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