Call for Papers

“Understanding and overcoming the mechanisms driving age-related sarcopenia“

               Guest Editors Drs. Paul Greenhaff, Janet M Lord and Niharika Duggal and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zoltan Ungvari, and the editorial team of GeroScience (Journal of the American Aging Association; 2018 Impact Factor: 6.44) invite submission of original research articles, opinion papers and review articles related to research focused on understanding the mechanisms that underlie age-related loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia) and how to prevent this. Muscle mass declines from middle age at a rate of 0.5-2% per annum and muscle strength is lost at almost twice this rate. The functional impact is greater in females post-menopause due to their lower muscle mass at peak, with many entering clinical frailty as a result. The impact of sarcopenia also goes beyond reduced physical functioning as skeletal muscle is also a regulator of the immune system and adipose tissue and many of the health benefits of exercise are likely achieved through this route. Muscle mass and function is regulated by a plethora of factors including hormonal, genetic and lifestyle, with physical activity being a major anabolic stimulus. With age not only does our involvement in physical activity decline but our anabolic response to both activity and nutritional signals is compromised, termed anabolic resistance. This call-for-papers is aimed at providing a platform for the dissemination of critical novel ideas related to understanding of the mechanistic basis of sarcopenia and how these might be targeted to reduce loss of muscle mass and strength in old age.   We welcome manuscripts focusing on the molecular basis of sarcopenia and anabolic resistance, and novel therapeutic strategies both pharmacological and lifestyle based to overcome sarcopenia. As age is a major risk factor for sarcopenia we are particularly interested in manuscripts concerning the role of key aging processes, the hallmarks of aging, in sarcopenia or at studies using drugs that target these processes that show efficacy against sarcopenia.

               All manuscripts accepted from this Call for Papers will be included in a unique online article collection to further highlight the importance of this topic. All manuscripts should be submitted online here:

               Please indicate during the submission process by checking the relevant box that the manuscript is submitted in response to the Call for Papers “Understanding and overcoming the mechanisms driving age-related sarcopenia”. Manuscripts will undergo normal peer review as they are received. Manuscripts will be published online as they are accepted. Articles published from this Call for Papers will be highlighted with a special “Call for Papers” banner on the article PDF, as well as included in the "Understanding and overcoming the mechanisms driving age-related sarcopenia” online article collection at time of publication. Submission of cover image ideas is encouraged. The submission of manuscripts in response to this Call for Papers is continuous. If you have any question please contact Dr. Zoltan Ungvari via email at .