Call for Papers: International Conference on Nurturing Innovative Technological Trends in Engineering – BIOscience (NITTE-BIO 2021)


Special Issue Title: Nurturing Innovative Technology Trends in Environmental BIOtechnology

Short proposal:

Environmental Biotechnology is a blend between the integral approach of Biological Sciences and Engineering which deals with spectrum of applications involving living organisms in protecting as well restoring the quality of environment. In the current scenario, an extensive research is being carried out addressing some of the significant issues concerning Environmental Health and Remediation.

The international conference NITTE BIO 2021 is organized under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology Engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, INDIA.

This special issue will encompass a collection of series of elite research articles from diverse group of scientific community to present their investigations in varied practical approaches. Also this will enable a platform across the globe to share and disseminate valuable research findings in the areas of Bioremediation, Biofertilizer, Biocontrol, Bio/green synthesis nanomaterials, Biofuels, Bioprocess Engineering, Enzyme Technology, Genetic Engineering, Toxicology and Biosensors bridging with their applications towards environment.

Submission Open: 21st November 2021
Submission Close: 21st March 2022

Guest Editor List:

1. Dr. Vinod Kumar
Research Scientist
Biotechnology program
Environment and Life Sciences Research Center
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Kuwait City, Kuwait

2. Dr. Raja S.
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Manipal Institute of Technology,
Manipal, Karnataka, INDIA

3. Dr. Ujwal P. 
Departmental of Biotechnology Engineering
NMAM Institute of Technology
Nitte, Karkala,
Udupi District, Karnataka, INDIA