Call for Papers: Structured Literature Reviews in Entrepreneurship Research – Taking Stock and Setting the Agenda

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kuckertz / Prof. Dr. Jörn Block / Dr. Alexandra Moritz

Entrepreneurship research is an ever evolving domain. New phenomena emerge on a nearly daily basis and our understanding of well-established topics deepens continuously. In such a research environment it is necessary to take regularly stock of what has been achieved so far and to suggest future research.
With this special issue of Management Review Quarterly we aim to add to this requirement. We solicit manuscript that are addressing important and interesting topics in entrepreneurship research with the help of structured literature reviews (Clark et al., in press; Denyer & Tranfield, 2009; Fisch & Block, 2018). We leave the choice of topic within entrepreneurship research to potential authors of this special issue, but urge interested authors to focus on timely, interesting and relevant areas. Examples of such areas include (Kuckertz & Prochotta, 2018; Landström & Harirchi, 2019)

  • digital entrepreneurship
  • the relationship of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • innovations in entrepreneurial finance,
  • entrepreneurial ecosystems and the geography of entrepreneurship,
  • entrepreneurial marketing
  • entrepreneurship and crises
  • entrepreneurship education or
  • social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

While we leave it up to potential authors to decide which areas within entrepreneurship research they deem relevant for this special issue, we make it a requirement that all papers included in the final special issue base their arguments on a rigorous and structured approach to reviewing the literature (Booth, Papaioannou, & Sutton, 2012) and based on this accept the challenge to set the agenda for future research on their respective topics.

Paper Development Workshop

There will be a special issue paper development workshop at the 24thAnnual New Content ItemInterdisciplinary Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs (G-Forum) which will take place at KIT Karlsruhe, Germany, from 30th September to 2nd October 2020 (
germany/). In this paper development workshop, the special issue editors will provide feedback on early drafts or first paper versions. The submission to the G-Forum, however, is not a requirement for submitting to the special issue.

Submission Procedure

  • Submission of abstract and/or full paper to take part in the paper development workshop: May 10th, 2020
  • Deadline full papers for the special issue: December 1st, 2020
  • First round reviews sent to authors: Beginning of February, 2021
  • Final decisions: Summer 2021


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