Trade-offs in tree species: consequences for adaptive potential and operational breeding in a global change context

Trait-based ecological studies have long hypothesized that the adaptation to heterogeneous environments has driven the evolution of a productivity-persistence trade-off such that the ability to grow under abundant-resource conditions has occurred at the expense of adaptation that increases survival under biotic or abiotic stressful conditions. This trade-off has been documented between growth and traits related to shade tolerance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance and defensive investment. However, most of our knowledge on trade-offs have been originated from inter-specific studies performed under field conditions where environmental and (phylo)genetics effects are confounded. Consequently, such trait-growth associations could be simply the result of phenotypic plasticity rather than adaptive evolution. 

Common garden experiments have been widely used to explore the roles of phenotypic plasticity and genetic effects on climate adaptations in forest tree species and can be a useful tool to tease apart the environmental and genetic effects on trade-offs. In addition, studying trait associations in contrasting environmental conditions can provide insights on the influence of the environment on trade-offs. 

In this Topical Collection, we are looking for research studies and reviews focused on tradeoffs analyzed at intraspecific level under common garden conditions. We are particularly interested in studies linking trade-offs with the potential of tree species to adapt to new biotic and abiotic conditions and the potential for adaptive breeding. Studies focused on the environmental effects on trait-trait associations and trade-offs are also encouraged. We welcome contributions on forest and fruit tree species from any type of biome and geographical region. Studies at different intraspecific organizational level such as populations, provenances, progenies, genotypes, etc. are welcomed.

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Guest Editors:

José Alberto Ramírez-Valiente (CREAF, Barcelona, Spain)

Santiago González-Martínez (INRAE, Bordeaux, France)

José Climent (Forest Research Centre of INIA, Spain)

Xosé López-Góldar (Cornell University, USA)

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