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  • Valuing soccer players

    Five major teams, 1091 traded players, & 34 hypotheses figure in to new research on the determinants of transfer fees in professional soccer. Click heading to preview or download!

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  • Is marine tourism the answer?

    An August 2019 article explores how tourism affects local communities in marine-protected areas, and concludes: "tourism is not always a final-good solution or panacea for local communities. There are complexities and imbalances." Click heading to preview or download!

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  • Open Access: Serbia in the spotlight

    Negotiations around Serbia's potential accession to the European Union have been ongoing since 2014. How exactly  would entry into the EU affect the small nation? This research models the likely effects of accession on unemployment, GDP, and more. Click heading to read! 

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  • Open Access: Obama's fiscal fix

    One of Barack Obama's major moves, finds this paper, has positively affected states' economies over the long term. Click heading to read!