Mark Robbins, In Memoriam

2020 marked the untimely passing of a giant in the world of tribology: Mark Robbins. Mark was a pioneer in the atomic/molecular-scale analysis of a host of complex physical systems, including many that lie at the heart of our field. As a tribute to Mark's life and work, Tribology Letters has organized a Topical Collection: Mark Robbins, in memoriam. Under the guest editorship of Martin Müser, himself a former collaborator of Mark, this Collection will ultimately consist of some 25 articles by Mark's friends and colleagues, many of whom are themselves leaders in various areas of tribology and related disciplines. 

Prof Robbins
Prof. Mark Robbins
(Photo courtesy of Nicholas Spencer)

The collection can be found here.

Collected Articles

Editorial: In Memory of Mark Robbins

Martin H. Müser 

Structurally Driven Environmental Degradation of Friction in MoS2 Films

John F. Curry, Taisuke Ohta, Frank W. DelRio, Philip Mantos, Morgan R. Jones, Tomas F. Babuska, N. Scott Bobbitt, Nicolas Argibay, Brandon A. Krick, Michael T. Dugger & Michael Chandross 

Controlling the Friction of Gels by Regulating Interfacial Oxygen During Polymerization

Rok Simič & Nicholas D. Spencer 

QCM Study of Tribotronic Control in Ionic Liquids and Nanoparticle Suspensions

C. M. Seed, B. Acharya & J. Krim 

Probing the Rheological Properties of Liquids Under Conditions of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Using Simulations and Machine Learning

J. C. S. Kadupitiya & Vikram Jadhao 

Distribution of Gaps and Adhesive Interaction Between Contacting Rough Surfaces

Joseph M. Monti, Antoine Sanner & Lars Pastewka 

Elucidating the Onset of Plasticity in Sliding Contacts Using Differential Computational Orientation Tomography

S. J. Eder, P. G. Grützmacher, M. Rodríguez Ripoll & J. F. Belak 

Multiscale Friction Simulation of Dry Polymer Contacts: Reaching Experimental Length Scales by Coupling Molecular Dynamics and Contact Mechanics

Daniele Savio, Jannik Hamann, Pedro A. Romero, Christoph Klingshirn, Ravindrakumar Bactavatchalou, Martin Dienwiebel & Michael Moseler

Atomic Origins of Friction Reduction in Metal Alloys

Shengfeng Cheng, Michael Chandross

Avalanches in the Athermal Quasistatic Limit of Sheared Amorphous Solids: An Atomistic Perspective

Céline Ruscher, Jörg Rottler

Effect of Compatibilizers on the Structure and Dynamics at Polymer Blend Interfaces

Shoumik Saha, Di Xu, Dilip Gersappe

Gluten Adhesion and Shearing in a Contact-Based Coarse-Grained Model

Łukasz Mioduszewski, Marek Cieplak

Stress Relaxation of Comb Polymer Melts

Sidath Wijesinghe, Dvora Perahia, Ting Ge, K. Michael Salerno, Gary S. Grest

Molecular Dynamics-Based Cohesive Law for Epoxy–Graphene Interfaces

Jiadi Fan, Alexandros Anastassiou, Christopher W. Macosko, Ellad B. Tadmor

Molecular Dynamics Examination of Sliding History-Dependent Adhesion in Si–Si Nanocontacts: Connecting Friction, Wear, Bond Formation, and Interfacial Adhesion

J. David Schall, Zachary B. Milne, Robert W. Carpi, Judith A. Harrison

Friction and Plasticity in Contacts Between Amorphous Solids

Binquan Luan, Mark O. Robbins

Time-Dependent Electrical Contact Resistance at the Nanoscale

Mohammad R. Vazirisereshk, Saima A. Sumaiya, Rimei Chen, Mehmet Z. Baykara & Ashlie Martin

Friction Laws for Saturated/Unsaturated Fatty Acid Layers

Fadlallah Abouhadid, Alexia Crespo, Nazario Morgado, Denis Mazuyer, Juliette Cayer-Barrioz

Inducing High-Energy-Barrier Tribochemical Reaction Pathways; Acetic Acid Decomposition on Copper

Resham Rana, Robert Bavisotto, Nicholas Hopper, Wilfred T. Tysoe

Friction Force During Lubricated Steady Sliding of a Rigid Cylinder on a Viscoelastic Substrate

Chung-Yuen Hui, Haibin Wu, Anand Jagota, Constantine Khripin

Contributions of Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication

James P. Ewen, Hugh A. Spikes, Daniele Dini

Cylinder-Flat Contact Mechanics with Surface Roughness

A. Tiwari, B. N. J. Persson

Percolation and Reynolds Flow in Elastic Contacts of Isotropic and Anisotropic, Randomly Rough Surfaces

Anle Wang, Martin H. Müser