Call for papers for the Special Issue on Mixing in Porous Media

Mixing in porous media is a key process in a diversity of systems including biological, engineered and geological environments. Mixing processes span spatial scales from nano (shales) to micro (biological tissue, porous rocks) to kilometer scales (water shed, reservoir) and temporal scales from seconds (catalyst supports) to geological (radionuclide migration). Mixing in porous media is a highly interdisciplinary subject and includes applications in hydrology (groundwater management, aquifer and soil remediation), geological storage (ra-dionuclide migration, gas storage, carbon dioxide storage), geothermal energy production, mining and petroleum engineering (mineral, gas and oil production), chemical engineering (porous reactors, batteries), biology and medicine (drug delivery, nutrient transport, signal transmission). Thus, the qualitative and quantitative understanding of the mechanisms of mixing in porous media – including flow, transport, chemical reactions and biological activ¬ity – across a diversity of spatial and temporal scales is essential for a myriad of applications with high scientific, technological and societal relevance.

   The last 15 years have seen significant advances in measurement, imaging and numerical simulation of flow, transport, and mixing processes at the pore, Darcy and field scales, along with new theoretical developments to describe and upscale these processes across spatial and temporal scales. This includes new experimental approaches, and imaging techniques at pore and field scale, which allow for the detailed observation of key processes at the pore and Darcy scale in laboratory and field setups in real and artificial porous and fractured media. Advances in theoretical approaches include new stochastic models for medium heterogeneity, solute and particle transport, Lagrangian methods for the description of flow kinematics and the identification of coherent structures that govern transport and mixing, the identification and quantification of stochastic stirring protocols and their impact for fluid mixing, as well as novel homogenization and volume averaging techniques.

    This Special Issue on Mixing in Porous Media, inspired by the recent Lorentz workshop of the same name, wants to reflect the latest experimental, modeling and theoretical approaches for the understanding and quantification of mixing processes in porous media from the pore to the regional scale.

Submission deadline: 30 June 2021

Guest Editors: Marco Dentz (, Michel Speetjens ( and Daniel Lester (

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