Aims and scope

Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM) is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal that welcomes research contributions that reflect upon, study or question main developmental trends and practices, and address current and future challenges in higher education.

The thematic focus of TEAM includes management, governance and organisation of higher education; teaching and learning in higher education; the academic profession and academic careers; higher education and the labour market; and institutional research in higher education.

TEAM is jointly published by Springer and EAIR – The European Higher Education Society, and is intended to contribute to EAIR’s mission of creating a better linkage of research, policy and practice in higher education.

Articles submitted should as a consequence be written for, understood by, and be relevant for a multicultural, multifaceted and international audience, consisting of both the international academic community and the field of practice within higher education.

TEAM welcomes articles using a variety of approaches, methods and perspectives given that the article demonstrate the relevance of the research in a broader context whether this be in other higher education institutions, other national settings or in the international arena.

Occasionally, the journal also publishes articles where personal viewpoints/experiences or political arguments are made to stimulate discussion and reflection, or to challenge established thinking in the field of higher education. Such pieces are published in a dedicated "Forum" section of the journal.