Aims and scope

The International Journal for the Semiotics of Law is the leading international journal in Legal Semiotics worldwide.

We are pathfinders in mapping the contours of Legal Semiotics.

We provide a high quality blind peer-reviewing process to all the papers via our online submission platform with well-established expert reviewers from all over the world. Our boards reflect this vision and mission.

We welcome submissions in English or in French.

We bridge different fields of expertise to allow a percolation of experience and a sharing of this advanced knowledge from individual, collective and/or institutional fields of competence.

We publish original and high quality papers that should ideally critique, apply or otherwise engage with semiotics or related theory and models of analyses, or with rhetoric, history of political and legal discourses, philosophy of language, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, deconstruction and all types of semiotics analyses including visual semiotics. We also welcome submissions, which reflect on legal philosophy or legal theory, hermeneutics, the relation between psychoanalysis and language, the intersection between law and literature, as well as the relation between law and aesthetics.

We encourage researchers to submit proposals for Special Issues so as to promote their research projects. Submissions should be sent to the EIC.

We aim at publishing Online First to decrease publication delays, and give the possibility to select Open Choice.

Our goal is to identify, promote and publish interdisciplinary and innovative research papers in legal semiotics.

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