Free access to Judit Bar-Ilan Memorial Issue

Judit Bar-Ilan (1958 – 2019), long-time member of the Price Medal Laureate Board of Scientometrics, sadly passed away last year. The special memorial issue dedicated to her by her colleagues from the Editorial Board has now been published. We are pleased to provide free access to this issue until August 8, 2020.

From the Editorial by Tibor Braun, Wolfgang Glänzel & András Schubert:

“In the present issue, a collection of research papers is presented, each specifically dedicated to Judit’s memory. Some of them are directly targeting Judit’s oeuvre, others were inspired by concepts, ideas closely or loosely related to her works. What is common in each is that all authors of the issue were motivated by their deepest regard to Judit both as an erudite colleague and as an awesome personality.

Some of our colleagues submitted beside or instead of a research paper, some personal appreciations, memories or stories. In the rest of this Preface, these texts are compiled as personal farewell to Judit.“