Developments in Entrepreneurial Finance: Crowdfunding, Blockchain, and ICOs

A collection from Small Business Economics

'The entrepreneurial finance markets of the future: a comparison of crowdfunding and initial coin offerings'
Joern H. Block, Alexander Groh, Lars Hornuf, Tom Vanacker & Silvio Vismara 

'Entrepreneurial fintech clusters'
Marco Gazel & Armin Schwienbacher 

'Crowdinvesting in entrepreneurial projects: disentangling patterns of investor behavior'
Maximilian Goethner, Sebastian Luettig & Tobias Regner 

'Two’s a company, three’s a crowd: Deal breaker terms in equity crowdfunding for prospective venture capital'
Michael M. Moedl 

'“Pledge” me your ears! The role of narratives and narrator experience in explaining crowdfunding success'
Francesco Cappa, Michele Pinelli, Riccardo Maiolini & Maria Isabella Leone 

'Initial coin offerings, asymmetric information, and loyal CEOs'
Paul P. Momtaz 

'Economics of philanthropy—evidence from health crowdfunding'
Juliane Proelss, Denis Schweizer & Tingyu Zhou 

'Why do startups pursue initial coin offerings (ICOs)? The role of economic drivers and social identity on funding choice'
Magnus Schückes & Tobias Gutmann 

'Serial and large investors in initial coin offerings'
Dmitri Boreiko & Dimche Risteski 

'The smart contract revolution: a solution for the holdup problem?'
Olivier Meier & Aurélie Sannajust