Diversity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship – Regional, Urban, National and International Perspectives

A collection from Small Business Economics

'Diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship: where are we and where should we go in future studies?'
Charlie Karlsson, Jonna Rickardsson & Joakim Wincent 

'Innovation and diversity: the role of knowledge networks in the inventive capacity of cities'
Francesco Capone, Luciana Lazzeretti & Niccolò Innocenti 

'Protectionist policies and diversity of entrepreneurial types'
Nachiket Bhawe, Shaker A. Zahra, Chen Chao & Garry D. Bruton 

'Entrepreneurial ecosystem elements'
Erik Stam & Andrew van de Ven 

'Developing local entrepreneurial ecosystems through integrated learning initiatives: the Lancaster case'
Rhiannon Pugh, Danny Soetanto, Sarah L. Jack & Eleanor Hamilton 

'Have we oversold the Silicon Valley model of entrepreneurship?'
David B. Audretsch 

'How individual cognitions overshadow regulations and group norms: a study of government venture capital decisions'
Jeaneth Johansson, Malin Malmström, Joakim Wincent & Vinit Parida 

'Types of institutions and well-being of self-employed and paid employees in Europe'
Michael Fritsch, Alina Sorgner & Michael Wyrwich 

'Gender (in)equality within the household and business start-up among mothers'
Lucia Naldi, Massimo Baù, Helene Ahl & Magdalena Markowska 

'Working for an entrepreneur: heaven or hell?'
Kristina Nyström