Knowledge Frontiers and Boundaries in Entrepreneurship Research

A collection from Small Business Economics

'Knowledge frontiers and boundaries in entrepreneurship research'
Maksim Belitski, Rosa Caiazza & Erik E. Lehmann 

'Does equity crowdfunding democratize entrepreneurial finance?'
Douglas Cumming, Michele Meoli & Silvio Vismara 

'The relationship between origin and performance of innovative start-ups: the role of technological knowledge at founding'
Tommaso Minola, Davide Hahn & Lucio Cassia 

'Amenities, subcultures, and entrepreneurship​​​​​​​'
David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann & Nikolaus Seitz 

'Cultural diversity and knowledge in explaining entrepreneurship in European cities​​​​​​​'
David B. Audretsch, Maksim Belitski & Julia Korosteleva 

'Local knowledge composition and the emergence of entrepreneurial activities across industries: evidence from Italian NUTS-3 regions​​​​​​​'
Alessandra Colombelli, Gianluca Orsatti & Francesco Quatraro 

'Knowledge-based service economy and firm entry: an alternative to the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship​​​​​​​'
Alexandra Tsvetkova & Mark Partridge 

'The influence of exploratory versus exploitative acquisitions on innovation output in the biotechnology industry​​​​​​​'
Stephanie Lange & Marcus Wagner 

'Taxes, the tax administrative burden and the entrepreneurial life cycle​​​​​​​'
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Johan E. Eklund & Per Thulin 

'How do country R&D change the allocation of self-employment across different types?​​​​​​​'
Andrew Burke, Serhiy Lyalkov, Ana Millán, José María Millán & André van Stel 

'The complementarity perspective to the entrepreneurial ecosystem taxonomy​​​​​​​'
Andrew Godley, Norbert Morawetz & Lebene Soga 

'Corporate entrepreneurship strategy: extending our knowledge boundaries through configuration theory'
Patrick M. Kreiser, Donald F. Kuratko, Jeffrey G. Covin, R. Duane Ireland & Jeffrey S. Hornsby