New and small firms in a modern working life: future aspects on how do we make entrepreneurship healthy?

A collection from Small Business Economics

'New and small firms in a modern working life: how do we make entrepreneurship healthy?'
Magnus Klofsten, Ellen MacEachen & Christian Ståhl 

'Social sexual behaviour and co-worker trust in start-up enterprises'
Robert Gillanders, Roisin Lyons & Lisa van der Werff 

'Depression among entrepreneurs: a scoping review'
Lauren Cubbon, Kristin Darga, Uira Duarte Wisnesky, Liz Dennett & Christine Guptill 

'Designing for sustainable work during industrial startups—the case of a high-growth entrepreneurial firm'
Ulrika Harlin & Martina Berglund 

'A balancing act: Swedish occupational safety and health inspectors’ reflections on their bureaucratic role when supervising micro-enterprises'
Emma Hagqvist, Stig Vinberg, Susanna Toivanen & Bodil J. Landstad 

'Entrepreneurial experiences of Syrian refugee women in Canada: a feminist grounded qualitative study'
Sonja Senthanar, Ellen MacEachen, Stephanie Premji & Philip Bigelow 

'Managers’ work and behaviour patterns in profitable growth SMEs'
Elena Ahmadi, Gloria Macassa & Johan Larsson